Who does not like to talk about food? Everybody I guess is fond of food. It goes along well in every aspect of our everyday life.

Food is necessity; from the day we are born, milk either from our mothers breast or the manufactured one prepared in bottle. And slowly we are introduce to different type of it slowly as we grow up. Our taste is develop as we go on of our life. Some develop their kind of favorites in their home. Specially when their mother is a good cook. I believe too, it is inherited too. Maybe also, thru our friends influence.

The very basics why many desires a certain foods is the taste of course. How it was presented on plates, The aroma of it on our nose, umm.. so yummy. Meat cook in many different manner, vegetables in forms of salads, grilled fish, seafood even fruits. Different kind of concepts of recipes, a twist of this and that.

Remembering my childhood days, in our region; dishes are mainly cooked with coconut in it. Whether its fish, veggies, seafood, meats root crops even fruits. I developed the love of dishes cooked in coconut. So as other maybe, in their own birth places where they lived.

Passed it on my sons as well in their teens. But when they began working have their own money of course to spent when we transfer here in Metro Manila. I cant hardly able to buy them meat either chicken or pork, seems its holiday if I able to. They had able to try different classes of dishes. From fast foods, restaurants even on hotels. Big bosses of them tag them at this big hotels along with their office mates. Mama, the food was superb.

But thank God, thru the news, internet specially thru our preacher who only not teaches us spiritually but also is concern about the health of brethren. He never forget to remind us of choosing proper and nutritious food. To avoid foods which are hazardous to our health specially some causes death even.

Now, I think is the time to realize that not all foods they call are foods. Not all what seems appealing to eyes and seems yummy be intake in our tummy. What I have suffered in my liver and gallbladder is enough lesson for us. Too much oily, sauces, meats, sodium etc.. My kidney too.. has stone. Caffeine in coffee,acidic foods, so many.

I learned much after suffering in such ailments. Am in green juicing! No rice for a moments. Grilled fish, shrimp only. Have searched on Google information regarding things about to melt down those fatty liver. Right fruits and veggies to cracked into pieces those stones on my kidneys. Detox my colon too for a complete overhauling of those bad foods I ate.

My belly is starting to flatten even without exercises. No bloating on abdomen. I don’t feel any sunburn kind of feeling on my stomach. Upon waking up, a glass of hydrogen water.. a little bit later, hot ginger tea. Good for my voice, am a choir member. Then a glass of either fruit or veggies. A piece of bread when seems felt dizzy a bit. Lots of water intake, if possible a gallon a day.. its the best cleanser. I am trying my best to do it.

Food is necessary, but we have to be intelligent enough what kind of food we must intake. Bad food damages our cells,our veins every details of our body’s part and organs.


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