Its About Doctors I Encountered When I Discovered My Multiple Hepatic Liver Cysts

It was 2009 if I was not mistaken when I discovered my poor health condition. Good then I have a Maxicare card yet as beneficiary from my son. I highly appreciate and recommend Maxicare Health. The benefits covered a lot. We worry less then. When time permits, if we have enough I will enlist at same health care.

My first Dr. recommended by this health care was a lady doctor in gastro internal medicine. Undergone ultrasound…etc. Its almost a year repeatedly coming back to and fro . A little bit of examination of abdomen..tsu..tsu.. let you go home. No medicine.. observe only how it grows big.. Hop in to another lady doctor.. 3 lady doctor.. I was not contented of the way they attend to my condition.

It was 2011 or 2012 if not mistaken,hard to remember..I came across a male doctor. A doctor at along Mandaluyong Hospital. He immediately recommend me to undergo aspiration of the cysts. It was multiple and measure big already. I suffer bloating of my belly, hard to breath.. so uncomfortable.

When that day come for me to undergo aspiration of my multiple hepatic liver cysts..I was so nervous.My two sons was with me. They let me lay down on bed, of course. Not in operation room but in a room with ultrasound and other equipment. An aged doctor was the one in charged to do it. I was injected with anesthesia in my abdomen two times I think.

The drama of agony began when I saw was injected in my belly; not an ordinary needle..huh! When the needle passes down inside down my flesh.. a very crucial pain started. I grasp the end part of my bed covering. You cannot shout to release at least the pain..but with close mouth and tears only and growl in agony. As if all your internal organ is being pulled out ! Ahh…I thought I would die that moment, the echo of my cries is being heard by my two sons outside. Thinking it was it..nope..wrong..when he pulled out the injection out the fluid was release in a glass container. He was so careful radiologist doctor too. Then he said ,another one to reduce more the fluid inside..another hell..umm..sacrifice more ..I hope that day would not be able to handle it. Prayer to Almighty God..He made me strong to carry on that much pain.

Anesthesia is effective only beneath the flesh. After that, its not effective anymore. Almost half gallon of fluid was obtain. from that hell moments. Two days confinements, then go home. Only months passed, a bigger multiple cysts existed,bloating,nausea, spots of dark circles as if boxed by somebody. On arms thighs etc.

Prayed hard enough..give me a good doctor please who is gifted with intelligent and kind enough to patient. Year 2012.. a lucky year for me. I met Dr. Henson Ryan Lim, an IM GASTRO, 2 or 3 times of coming back because of much pain and bloating. He recommend to us Dr. Ruel Ryan. Barrosso, 9 yrs. of experience as hepatic pancreatic biliary liver surgeon. I was immediately schedule for operation. The surgery lasted for 5 or 6 hours almost. He unroof the cysts and fill up the hallow with my own fats etc. My gallbladder stone too was removed. Everything went well.

I was discharged of the hospital thru the kindness of Dr. Barroso..I cant elaborate much the details. But I salute that so much kindness, patience, helpful, understanding and a very brilliant doctor!

Dr. Lim concern for his patients I highly appreciated, his concern is for the patient. If I will offer you aspiration, it will keep on coming back, he said. So honest, practical (will cost money a lot) considerable. That is a true doctor. The true doctor I highly recommend for those in need of IM GASRO and for LIVER DISEASES.. Dr. Ruel T. Barroso.


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