Family Bonding

Bonding of family is very essential to Filipino culture, that was I observed. Although I did not experience it with my family, I valued it so much. I grew up in a family that has no good relations, yet it did not stop me of dreaming when I have a family of my own, I will implement it.

How important is family bonding? So much I think. When there is harmonious relationships, good communication and one common likes its comes from good bonding. At least a monthly outing of family, of course according to father or mother(for single parent) budget. For a low income earner, mall tripping is enough. Strolling around, a little bit of shopping and eating. Or maybe, in summer, a swimming plan for the family. Some like it on swimming pool , on different falls nearby municipalities or province. Financial is always with it. But beaches on oceans is the best to go to. Surfing, different kinds of rides are offered, such as boat riding, banana boat, speed motor boat, and others. Others offers long stretch of zip-line. That needs ample budget of course.

Moments like these is so essential to every family. For the head of family, a time to be unwind from from that kind of work for a month. It refreshes ones mind and heart. Children develop more closeness to their parents. The laughter, the hug, enjoyment in eating different from home atmosphere that you eat together. There are times that one of the parent eats at their office or site of their works. Some goes home late at night and seldom see each other unless week end maybe.

Me, a single parent to my sons; see to it even in their childhood to have a family bonding with them. Though were so poor then to be able to go on places, still tried my best to implement my dreams. We have small plaza in Buhi, Camarines Sur, there’s also lake Buhi to stroll along the side of walk raft. I bring the two of them, a peso of ice cream and bread or fried banana is already a great joy for them. Can’t even afford to buy small television, so a comics is alternative. Its for rent for a peso even 50 cents. Play volleyball, tennis, “diolens”(a small glass ball) a kind of game here. Swimming, yes, there is a swamp where we live, they had able to learn swimming. Or hiking to mountain, walk a long trail, and have some Indian mangoes, banana, kamote(sweet potato) and vegetables as well as coconut. We don’t buy them, it’s free. You can ask it from relatives.

No one ask me any of my sons) “who’s my father or where is he?” I just tried to always hug them when they were small and tell them the truth. I tried hard with Gods help to give them the necessity I could give. I never forget to tell them how much I love them. Hug and kiss is so important to growing children. I did not nag my children or talked to them nasty words. To help your children develop a good character and have a good kind of mentality, mature and intelligent talk to them and treat them as matured one. They grew up seeing me how much I cared for them, nourished them with love and care. I tried to cracked joke sometimes.. good family ties too, and effective.

From working for 3 and ½ years in the office as telex operator the in a communications in Ayala, Makati, I was force to resign for my eldest sake. No one to take care of him who’s barely 1yr only. That is the start of my downfall in financial. Have gone different kind of work just to be able to live. When my youngest came to being another responsibility was added. But I am not a coward. I face it all, against odds they said.

Now their heads are up on me, saying, how did I able to let them finish college? Love is the key, my faith in God made me strong. Even up to now that they are working now, we had able to Tagaytay, Baguio. Hongkong, Sorsogon. Swimming at Tanay, Antipolo.. and soon to Quezon. Sad to say, for the moment my youngest has no work. But then, every payday we go to Divisoria for fruit shopping and some clothes, or to malls and eat, A break after a hectic schedule of hardworking.

Walking them up in the morning for work? A kiss on forehead, a gentle tap on shoulder or massage their feet and arms is a good to let them got up. A delicious breakfast and dish for lunch. A prayer before leaving, a kiss from them on my forehead too and says God may take care of you two the whole day!

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3 responses to “Family Bonding

  1. Truly, the love of a mother is the purest here on earth, second to our Almighty Creator’s. I admire you for being such a brave woman. Your sons must be so proud of you.

    p.s. excellent blog! 🙂

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