They define success when a person from being rugs to rich attained it, accumulate a vast of wealth, able to launched a stable job, a degree holder, becomes a political leader, becomes a powerful person, a famous scientist, astronaut, famous players, celebrities, teachers, great lawyers media writers, broadcasters of well known televisions, and so many to enumerate.

For me, I guess should be categorize to define well.

There are they called successful person because that person becomes a leader of a nation or state. Becomes powerful of course, rich, influential,gained friends and associates, maybe satisfied ones desire of flesh and others. Celebrities famous for their acting careers, trophies and appreciations of lots. Lawyers who become famous of different scandals of people in their peak and win cases even published on print media and news around the world. Even false preachers of false religions who had able to accumulate billions to their followers becomes sensations on news. Sports players on tabloids who became known to the world because of their achievement ,they call them successful one. So many to name each or describe them.

Where are they successful? Celebrities who had so many trophies, famous around the world even, so very nice good looking beauty or good looking man, masculine,admired by a lot? Political leaders? Sports, Medical Doctors, great lawyers cant enumerate all.They all have in common to summarize.

Successful they say because of the above previously mentioned. But on magazines, television.wide print of newspapers and radios, story about them. Divorce, changing of partners, in contentment in marriage or in family itself. Graft and corruptions either on government or business of different kinds. Later, we are shocked seeing them on news of the scandals they made. Involved to illicit relationships, drag themselves to drugs, different scandals, even crimes; in killings or crimes…and lastly killing themselves.

There are successful lets say; in sports field, achieved dreams of becoming a well known in field of sports. Admired worldwide, becomes wealthy, got a beautiful wife/handsome husbands, big houses,business and others. Yet, as time moves along a true sad story is revealed.

To achieved a true success is not for us to exert effort. It is Gods given not our own effort. Without God we can do nothing.

If you are a good lawyer, did you ever shared your knowledge to help others who really need your service? Had you ever granted a free service to very lowly people who cant afford to pay but instead you acted instead as co prosecutor of their opponent who is rich. A political leader who are opposer of his people instead of serving them but enriched oneself. A medical practitioner specially who are in the field of specialist. A teacher who really dedicated themselves in teaching educating children to rural area.

A life well spent, any talent given by God, and share it with others specially to all pertaining to His teachings and will leads to a true success in life. Thank God, there are many also who rendered services of their knowledge for free wholeheartedly, even financially, their strength, their heart and mind, even time. Whatever they think they can share. Not much education is needed, above mentioned is enough. Least of course, Prayers of those righteous .

Though one did not able to achieve what previously mentioned,less education attained, a day of financial needs only, 3 meal a day and yet shared to when sees someone in need, a very lucky person is he. When one is assure of the destiny of ones soul after death, because he knows he spent ones life intelligently, wisely,with fear and faith in God. A life that is abide by His statues. From head to feet teachings he has in his heart. Real happiness is not obtain in this world, Wealth, power, loving this much brings to doom. Cant deny this truth, a vivid truth!

Racist comes from this white rich nations they call. Not all but almost. But out of these people are tools how they had become of what they are. mercy in their hearts. They see success base on wealth, power, influence, doctorate holder etc.,travel around the world . What is vivid on eyes will vanish, all are temporal in this world.You cannot bring it after death.

Where are you successful my friend? On things of temporal ?

To be content that still every day God let me breathe still, supply my EVERYDAY needs, care for us from evil deeds. Help us to use our life and spent it as well wisely in serving to what ever the bible teaches us thru the true preacher of God.
Bro. Eliseo F. Soriano. Only in him we learned how to led a life being guided by the bible teachings.

We are just poor but rich in His teachings. He gave me a two sons who are abider of Him too. We are content of whatever we have. As in my topic about family bonding..a simple life, simple foods, clothes a small room to dwell but a love of us to God which bind us together in harmonious life. One is working for the meantime for us, the oldest, Yet He never let us go hungry, or short of needs.

God gave the knowledge to bake cakes, cupcakes and cookies even loaf bread which I and my youngest son able to sustain our personal needs. Contentment of what we have. WE LIVE BY A DAY..cause we do not know what tomorrow will bring..God owns our life


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