the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulties, dangers, pain, and others without pain, without fear.

It also means bravery, heart as source of emotion, adventure, audacity, backbone, dash, dauntless, endurance, determination, enterprises, fearless, firmness, gallantry, gameness, greatness, power, tenacity.

There’s a lot of people who are so courageous in many different ways and manners. Some are famous in facing dangerous acts just to show their excellence talents. A superlative strength to pull a vehicle in super speed and able to control it at certain minutes. Bend a so hard iron that even machine take a hard time to do it. Pricking ones body without pain and inserting even heavy objects on skin yet as if just a mere light object only. So enormous courageous acts as seen on television program being featured.

Building contractors either of towering buildings or bridges all over the world. Competing who can build a skyscraper buildings as if only possible touch the very sky. The longest pave of bridges and durable of course; a more proud of recognition is expected from the architect. Incredible machines invented for a purpose which seems impossible to come to realization, yet become possible. What drives these men to do it though for others it is impossible? The determination face the odds, faced their fears.

These are just few to name . Dreams of becoming to be somebody, be famous in their field of dreams. The desires to be wealthy enough, powerful, be an influential one, one who enable to control peoples mind as faithful allies. Desires to achieve that alluring beauty, body, where men dies to have her. Same as for men, the masculinity, good looks, added talents for some, ah..women fired in much to be with them at all cost even.

From childhood, a dream began to build up starting within at home. Good for being an only child. But for a family of multiple one, rivalry (we cant deny) starts. One, maybe two, if lucky enough sometimes all emerge as successful in their dreams to come true. Proud parents is benefited of course. What drives a person to pursue his wants in life ?

Man who’s mind or spirit determination to grasp it with his two hands. Facing obstacles without fear, never let his emotion be ruined by whatever odds he/she encounters. Adventurous; not only of going places, but ready to face what day will reveal. Daring to face challenge even to stand straight in times of failures. Always ready to get up again and again, but with careful now and let the failures serves as his mentor. No one can correct you best than your self, because it is you who knows you; just accept ones mistakes. Endures pain,when encountering insults for failures, but so determinate to show to the world I can do it!

To admire great or well known men and women who had achieve good great inventions beneficiary to mankind, exemplary good deeds, heroic actions which leaves a vivid memory worth remembering to enumerate some. These are good things to follow and be our guide so as all our efforts may not be wasted at all. What if your talents or deeds only benefits to satisfy you alone? You will be in grave for nothing and rotten.

Don’t forget to have a time for a recreation. Either in the field of swimming, surfing, cooking, different sports according to your wants. It refreshes ones mind, i believe adds intelligent too, for me huh! Going places broaden our understanding the world, the people we interact. Wearing a big smile, adds masculinity and beauty, better wear it daily. Kindhearted is a daily dose and braveness too.

All these summarized courage, or courageous enough for us to be able to achieve of whatever is desires of our heart. So fulfilling to achieve dreams and enjoys it with love ones. A BIG BUT IS LACKING STILL TO SUMMONED IT UP TO CALL IT COMPLETE.

Without GOD we can do nothing, we cannot have full courage unless given or permitted by Him.

Courage is also use by people who are evil minded. Why they are so brave enough to kill people avid the midst of crowd with eyes on them? Rapist, abductors who pursue their lust desires and faces dangers just to push their evil deeds. Legislators, even big nations leaders who are corrupt yet pronounce they are not even under the sun bares their greediness for wealth. Women goes beyond surgery to perfect ones beauty for lust or gain popularity, lawyers who enables to let innocent men to be in-jailed in exchange of money or influence. Ah.. so may to name.

Let us not apply the courage of evil people, but the courage from above previously mentioned. A joy which is obtained from good deeds is so yummy as in food , day by day you can taste it. Enjoyment of sharing the courage given by God shared it with fellowmen cant be bought. Until eternal you can bring it home. Let us be courageous enough to fulfill our dreams and share it.


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