Why Being In Age Of Sixty Is A Precious As Gold For Me

Year of 2011 is a very memorable and precious year of my life. I never thought I would reach that age after so many things encountered past of life. Here, they called us senior citizens, connoted as retiring from hectic challenges and works of everyday life.


Being at this age doesn’t necessarily means a downfall of strength or retiring of mobilizing ones body. Except of course those who are suffering different kind of diseases and has poor health conditions.

Though it was the year I undergone surgery because of my multiple hepatic liver cysts, I consider it as a challenge. Challenge about how to be more wiser in choosing what to intake in my stomach. A more conscious ways of managing health habits. As a person age, metabolism slows down,capacity to digest decreases, kind of taste differ, lessen appetizing and others. But a reverse to some, its sometimes accordance to genetic heritage.

I don’t have enough time of exercising or maybe not fond of doing it. Th e very exercises I do is walking for almost 2 kilometers a day. Doing a household chores requires much perspiration. I do it all alone. My two sons are working, who’s gonna do it all? From bathroom to bedrooms, living room, kitchens and laundry sections even outside front. It helps a lot to have a healthy body. It was 2 months only after operations, force myself to do it. From washing (with washing machine help) down to cooking with Gods help able to do it. My wrist suffered dislocations of joints and was bandaged by orthopedic doctor for 2 months. Thanks, I able to use it normally.

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The very first time I use my senior card at fast food was a great joy! In groceries, in medicines in transportation and medical field. Ah.. How I love reaching sixty and enjoys the benefits of it. When we go outing (my two sons) they order the best price and tag it to me. Laugh of course.

Upon my two previous confinement at hospitals, a big discount availed for being my age. He is so good that at age I could enjoy the benefits and suffer not the big bill.

Now, after that am very meticulous in choosing foods to eat. Juicing greens appropriated to my health conditions is what I do. With symptoms of kidney stones and fatty liver starting, a wise choose of food is necessary. Doing lots of fruit juicing and vegetables too. No rice, fried fish, no to oil on dishes, no meats. Grilled or steam fish,shrimp anything about sea foods. Lots of water, the most important of all.

Ever since my childhood up to teenage and supposed ladies time of enjoyment, never had that moments. Cant even buy new bra or underwear, all come from wealthy employer of a sister; old clothing reliefs. It was only when I able to have worked and furnished myself new things. But after my force resignation at office when my eldest becomes ill and no one to be left to care him, that’s the start again. Crucial life again up to second child.

When the two were employed, then I started to realize and even the eldest told me; my time to relax and enjoy your life a bit. An awakening gesture of love which opened my mind.

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It was at age sixty that I become more conscious of dressing up. Fixing up my self,attending to my skin and face massaging. Sagging cheeks are relevant issues for aging women. Am having that too. So anxious, even on photographs its bright as the sun reveals the truth. After praying at four o’clock, brushing hair first and gargle olive oil. Face massaging is my daily routine, cant afford to pay beauty shops. Positive attitude in life attributes a lot to attain a better refreshing face. Some age spots and signs are diminished. Daily bath is needed . I don’t wear any make up, hate it, don’t need to paint myself. No nail polish please, even baby powder on face is not needed. To be simple and natural in look is best. Cleaning face before going to bed and applying cabbage juice or olive oil for me is good.

A woman in my opinion is beautiful if she is clean inside (heart and mind) and outside. Knows how to carry appropriate dresses. No shorts showing that leggings, or tight jeans or pants and blouses or shirts, skirts knee level . No to plucking necklines,backless, string dresses and others which entice eyes to bulk and provocative evil minded. Good behavior in wearing attire is pleasant to eyes either for young at age and specially to senior age like me. Earning a respect and admiration is best than to be ridiculed for wearing not fitted to age.

From colors appropriate to skin, nice fittings and designs for my age. Enjoys fashion in descent ways of get ups. A cellphone, bag or sling bag for a short time shopping and hoping will do. A tissue, handkerchief, umbrella, a pen, baby cologne will do, alcohol for disinfectant, a comb and baby powder can be added and lastly money. I prefer big shoulder bags if necessary according to what purpose will I go.

After a hectic works at home, a time for recreations. A walk along the mall, have some light meal even alone, able to enjoys life. A peep on cheap price dresses is a good help for stress mind. Planning an outing adds another factor. To create things in mind that would eliminate idleness adds vitality in life. Swimming, hiking, being active on sports fitted to age and ability, or traveling if financially capable. All of these gives meaning to aging men and women.

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To reach at this age is gift from God who spent their life rightfully in the eyes of His Creator, this is my belief and stands. We have different beliefs and faith affiliated to. This gives me the much time to enjoy much and appreciate past sacrifices I have endured. Both are grown up now, have work; I have able to do the responsible of being a father/mother to them. They are both fearing God and a loving two sons for their mom.

Singing is a good bonding tools for family, no need to have good voice. Enjoyment of being together is fun. Memories of utilizing life in rightful ways is a treasure to be kept in heart till my last breathe. Yes, to live here on earth is full of trials, persecution, hardships either in life or works,downfall and many things. But there is always the reverse of time .Luck comes, for some for the rest of life.

One thing that kept me to enjoys life at this age, everyday God still wakes me up. Adding everyday to my life. There are ups and down, that’s part of life and part for me to be reminded of my shortcoming Ive done against His will. To continue learning teaching from God and builds us firmly to be righteous in every way so as to prepare us for a more precious life.

Sixty can be 70 or more according to His purpose and mercy in ones life.

Am 63 and with His mercy, if my age goes beyond to 70, be able me to live a righteous life along with my sons I thank Him for that. Just hoping I can enjoy it with the strength still intact in us.



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