What Are The Right Ways To Honor These Men

Am so amused seeing old men still working trying to earn something for their families. Or maybe for their oneself, not to be a burden to anybody. Another thing added to my good impression to these people is if they have no vices in their life through out. A man who had been a good provides for his family, a trustworthy husband and loving too, industrious and a good man to his neighbors.

Not all old men are worthy of my admiration, a must set of standard is a need.

In my facebook, I read some short articles about these veterans, those who are alive. As if they never get exhausted in doing task to show to the world that their strength is still there. We’re still alive and kicking, as if that is what they want to convey. It never ends after going back from war way back home. That is so remarkable things imprinted in their hearts and mind.

One veteran still thrive to ride on single seat plane(I think?), another keeps running on tracks to maintain a stable health, doing gardening, still works to earn, to some taking care of their grand children, or any other field of consuming time rightfully.


Here, he is so old to carry that “taho” (curd soya beans) heavy enough in his shoulders every morning. A street sweeper too afar that post is in his ripe age too. Some of garbage collector doesn’t mind that dirt and bad odor just to have a sum amount for their families. Construction workers, line men, plumber, vendors and many kind of works related being into by these old people. Am talking about the lowly people here, earn not much educations and only these kind of job they able to have. They are the kind of old men who really resort to righteous things.

I do not confine my mind to less fortunate in life they say. I salute too old men in elite life or above the kind of life these people mentioned above. Some rich old men with righteous mind create a group for themselves and plan things how to extend help to those in needs. Specially to poor rural areas, in calamities, schools or to aged institutions and maybe helping those like them mentioned above.

Seeing old men and women wearing a happy smile on their face brings much joy to everybody I think. Beside the truth that within they really felt the much fatigue, yet trying hard to show, here we are enjoying our life with the help of our God. Dropping off sentiments of life, and facing the world as long as it i given every morning and the whole day of life. Life goes on!

To some, a piece of meal a day is enough just to suffice that belly. Metabolism is poor as we age. Good, for now many aging like me able to change eating habits. Green juicing, vegetables and fruits and sea foods only, no rice or fatty foods and meats. But sympathy to those lowly who cant afford. It is necessary to be careful and attentive to right diet. Medicines are costly than foods. Even wealthy people who was stricken by diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, financial status cant cure one.

My eldest son then at age three and a half, serves as by my father who’s sick and hardly walk alone. He is at 73 then. My father loves my son so much, he’s the one with me on hospital and took care him till he died. And my son loves my father so much too. Even he is playing, the moment he is needed, he quickly stands up and my father”s hand is press on little boy shoulders. A scene I rarely see now a days, but there are some still.


An elder who takes care of their grand children for their parent to save money, be able to work and sustain daily life. How our elders is still so valuable. Even those in institutions, those indigent old men and women abandoned or lost their way back home is a great thing of importance to humanity. Why? Through these people we able to exercise ourselves of doing good as Samaritans. Teaching us to Share of what we have either in abundance of our life or just enough for us. Love and understanding to extend to them and thanking God we are not in that situation. Teaching the youth and even small children of good values of doing such.

It is better that when we do these deeds, not to put it on photographs posing with then along to what we have given gifts to them and posted them to Media. We can have a picture shots but just keep it at HOME as souvenirs for us. Let the Almighty reward our deeds done in Secret, it is eternal gift indeed.

If only have the power to get those older men and women on the streets begging. Some are victims of those evil minded groups but some are really abandoned and no where to go. A strict legislature policies and programs maybe created for these people.

Am particularly giving emphasis for older men today in my views to honor these old men to what they say FATHERS DAY. For me, it should be celebrated everyday of life of them, we do not know if until to what length of days we will live.

Wish and pray for the good old men, a righteous father or grandfather or even as single, yet living righteously in the eyes of GOD who created him. I salute you OLD MEN.


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    • Thank you so much for reading my simple post,I had reply to previously on my email thru Word Press I love cooking too, I had copied some of your recipes for I like it so much. Thanks too for sharing your healthy recipes. I appreciated it much.

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