How do we define furniture? Sounds sarcastic question, you may say. A big no I will answer you. Why? Some thinks of it as just a simple piece they use minding not much the importance of it.

Furniture refers to a pieces of materials crafted by either sole hands and manual equipments or by assisted machines. From different kinds of woods, stones, steel, iron bamboos, cement, plastics, rattans and even papers as in Japan. Even at ancient times, this is a necessity; as in thrones, chairs or tables and others according to their purposes and needs.

So vast is furniture. It can be a wall divider, cabinets, stands, chairs and tables, bed, a form of ceilings, wall decor or any of it designed just for the purpose of display decor.

Artistic forms of cuttings and designs are created out of a simple materials. A piece of log when it is handed down to men with genius mind and hand, piece or even more is created. He can create a table and chairs perhaps. Same as other materials, it just need a so creative mind. A strong determination to have a master piece some called it. A kind of achievement of cunning a certain materials which will be his mark.

Furniture are necessities in life, like food its everyday affair with these things. From the house, offices, schools, churches, factories, restaurants, hotels, markets, groceries and others to many to cite. It’s business, a need, gives comfort, entertains hospitality, bonds families and friends, luxury and so many to enumerate.

Even remote areas far from urban civilizations, we can see pieces of furniture in them. Designs according to traditions even hot shades are used. No matter how poor a families are, they tries to have at least of it such as tables and chairs .

Endless ideas comes to mind of these men. As time quickly passes by, so as modern innovations comes to mind of each brain. Competitions all over the world is always there. How many got wealthy and became known for their ingenuity in craftsmanship? Power too, why and how? The moment a person or that company proven that their works deserves a gold price tag. Customers satisfaction ,and respect. admiration too which last. Durability, exquisite designs, good materials,perfect shades or colors and most of all, trade mark of maker. Marketing is easy and smooth if you are a proven one.

Have seen that made by a Japanese out of paper, they able to create so unimaginable furniture. It’s so strong as demonstrated to visitors and seen on televisions. Never ending kind of artworks. Helped lots of people to elevate their kind of life status. Created labors and employed many , a continues legacy of artwork that can be handed down .

Can compare it to simple person. Molded by perseverance to learn either thru education, experience,continues learning and experimentation, changes, goes in fast modernization of times. To sum; all the materials, designs,shades of colors all passed these process to become one.


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