Dear Umbrella

Here comes rainy days again! Hot season had just passed.

A piece of thing created to shield us from rain or hot rays of sun.

History shows that parasols, that is what umbrella is called then ancient time, was introduced. It denotes royalty then and nobility. The idea to have it waterproof was in 11th century BC China. It did not reach Europe then but rather to Greece and Rome. It became a symbolic status for noble society of women. European regard it for feminine use only and their masculinity will be degraded to use it. Never minding those heat a 1000 years of absence using parasols in Romans Empire even in Europe end the tradition using it. Renaissance occurred in Italy, France and England by women by same kind of society. Became a fashion accessories influenced by neighboring countries such as Asia.

It was 18th century when a famous Englishman Jonas Hanway started carrying with a more sturdy and masculine umbrella in public areas. Three centuries later, his perseverance paid off. Use as personal accessories or as fashion trends.

On 20th century a modern kind of umbrella was introduce. Hans Haupt introduced his invention of pocket fold-able umbrella. While Bradford E. Philipp patented his first “working fold-able umbrella”. As phase of time quickly pass, so as many innovations were introduced.

Different materials for the cover and down to the very skeleton structure of it. Shown are some of images.

Aside for the purpose of protection from heat and rain, many ideas comes to mind of creative people. In fashion shows or personal accessories, it added glamor to women as well as men.

For decoration purposes in different establishments such as restaurants and hotels, homes or beaches.

In food, in tiny paper form in glasses drinks and food itself.

A source of income most likely to poor people who are less fortunate. Just some affordable tools and knowledge how to fix it, an income help.

To those with enough capital, a fine place to rent and better atmosphere gives them to have a better pricing.

Just like hats and bikes, umbrella denotes romance too. Sharing it to the one you love gives big joys to two hearts in love.

As protection also when in danger specially using that big umbrella with sharp pointed edges.

What else can I describe you my dear umbrella?

Summarizing, simple thing really mean a lot. Don’t forget to bring your umbrella every day.

Woman, hold thy umbrella with grace, that man afar eyes is gazing at you!


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