Hats-What Made Me To Like You?

As define, use as head covering and protection against different elements, shield against sun rays, for ceremonial purposes, or religious, as fashion accessories, social indicator, nationality symbol, military ranges, rank, service men identification in government branches or division and denotes social status as in Europe and UK.

Even at ancient times, uses of hat can be read on as written by historians. It was seen on a Thebes tomb painting which shows a man wearing a conical hat straw. In Greek and Rome, freed slaves wore hat called as Phrygia hats.

Social status was defined by hats during Middle Age times. It continued its innovations of designed and materials. On around 18th or 19th century many added kind of materials was used along with the new designs. Elite let their horses decorated with hats too, that was in Britain, US adopted it for their horse racing.

Flamboyant and extravagant hats had made a remarkable comeback, to satisfy elite society. A big wave of competitions in the field of hat business for creating a unique designs creations. That includes searching and introducing new materials of course.

London, Belgian, Europe, North America, Canada are among the countries who are well known worldwide famous hat makers.

Germany is a place for collections of these well craft and designed hats all over the world too. Here are some of it as seen on images.

For fashion or social purposes, hats are classified. First of all, according to gender, age, sizes, purpose, climate, style, occasion and others.

They also have an array display for everyday or casual use. In my observing, it’s a favorite accessories older men mostly in Europe, UK and Germany, just lately the Americans.

Military all over, it’s a widely importance part of their uniform, hats. As define, it denotes rank, regiment and services. On government services divisions, it identifies well the kind of department they are. Firemen are easily recognized by its hats. Policemen as well, nurses as in cap too and others.

Tribes on different parts of the world, decorated hats symbolizes traditions and belief. Different countries too, adopt a kind of it to symbolize countries identity. Different religious belief has their own marked kind of hat designs.

I thought then it’s just a simple ordinary thing to cover head for slight rainfall, or to prevent eyes from too much glaring rays of sun. For too much, at least prevent our head from absorbing scorching heat.

Now that my mind was so enlightened after searching some facts about it, I felt like buying a hat for fashion accessories. Anyway, this generation is fascinated so much of fast changes of fashion and its uses.

Before I forget, it is widely use as home decor. Artistically designed and crafted mind these people are. Amazing!

A hundreds or more quotes were formed out of hats.

For socialite level kind of people, it’s a start of a good conversations.

Oh hats! What a great contribution have you done to us. You are just a piece of thing, yet you created so many wonderful thing. We use you as a sign of respect as we remove hat and bow down. A sign of grief when place on breast, when holding it and wave as welcome one who’s dear to us. So many to jot down.


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