Inspiring Single Moms

Younger generations seems occupies that counts on census when it comes to being a mother at so early age. If not mistaken, the youngest was just 9 years old and even still loves playing. It’s not surprising hearing women who are at ripe age they say, prefers to get pregnant even without a husband. Who does not want to have a family of their own? Or at least have a child of its own. A companion for life, somebody to lean on and to share your love and will love and care too. Even males who are unfortunate to find true love, wishes a child and experience of being a father. How much more to women?

From famous celebrities, nation leaders, rich and famous businesswomen/men alike, professionals down to different aspects of life wishes to have a child or more. Some resorts to tube babies. I have read that back way then. The experiment went off well, a baby girl was produce thru that scientific procedure. Medical intervention to thru surrogate mother, or adoption as last resort.

Those belong to a well off families some tries to hide their pregnancy to avoid nasty words and protect family name integrity. But I think, not anymore in this generation.

Within the family starts the reason why early pregnancy happens. How she was raised by parents, personal relationships among members, neighbors, friends, effect of media (televisions, ads, newspapers etc.) and early intimate relationships.


Some are spoiled brat since childhood from their parent, or a really rebellious one. Experienced sexual abused within or outside, entice of what is seen on media and many more. They are among not ready yet to become as mothers. So braved when indulging thyself to sex, but when responsibilities comes, so coward. Some abort their child, thrown on garbage and let it die there. To hide their wrong doings and mistakes in life. Good for those who let it for adoptions.

I greatly admire women who had bravely face the consequences of their life. Thanks for those parents who are supportive and understands the situations their daughters.

Children are part of a woman’s flesh body. As medical studies I have read, a boy countenance inherit much resemblance to his mother. Even the traits and characters too. While if it is a girl, to father side it will acquire.

The moment a child is born, it’s a mother instinct that her world is centered to the new born baby. All pain is ease and a tremendous happiness is felt.

Abandoned women by their husbands, by choice pregnancy, babies cause by being rape victims and others, yet never surrender to face that of be a good mother. A more strong, brave and determined woman character is developed for these women. I too, is a single mom to my two sons.

I had never regret the life of being a mother without a man on my side. Maybe because what I prayed was two child only to be with as I grow old. With no own house to call myself, no stable job but only a knowledge of buy and sell on the market.

My faith in God is my tools the whole life.

Salute to women like us! In spite of difficulties faced at the start our children came into being, we never lose hope. A woman minds becomes more wiser, resourceful, adventurous and so brave to face future of life. Redistributing times, finances are two of some problems encountered. Wise women intelligence is challenge, and intelligent single moms are good economist. Believe me!

Despite work (for employed mothers) good moms able to divide her time properly. Good for me, because I able to be with them always. I brought along the youngest at the market at age one month. After forcibly retiring myself at office job, buy and sell at the market and cooking food items at school was my job.

Allocating times for bonding moments I don’t forget. A hug and kisses to each of them saying how much I love and care. Hug and kisses mold a child good character and closer relationships. At their young age I explained well to them the truth of not having a father as others they see. I reiterate that it is God the reason of their existence. They understood.

Most children out of wedlock or abandon are intelligent. They matured early in mind. Understanding situations of everyday life and acceptance will of God. Their reasoning is different. Even in school, outstanding qualities of knowledge is exuberant.

Single moms who had able to lead their children to grow with a healthy body and mind, with a good morals, helpful and loving are to be admired. Despite hardships in life, fights hard to let them finish education. God bestows talent to these children.

It is very important not to inject hatred to our children’s mind and heart any anger feelings. Me I able to tell the truth. Without hatred in their heart, a good citizen they will be and matured mind.

Proud to be a single mama, for the reason that though seems alone, yet happy. Why? God helped me to raise two sons, grown up now; who are God’s fearing. Both are working now and still single.

A mom who live righteously in the eyes of his Creator and lean to Him alone is a great mama. Who produce another generation of her child/children who are respectful, loving, caring, helpful, kind, industrious and God fearing children.


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