Buses And Jeepney Terminals In Metro As Bared

Buses and jeepney terminals are so important in every places mostly to cities. Rush hours for people on the go as early sun rises and before dawns comes. Commuters all over the Philippines, have almost crowds here in Metro Manila. Big volume of riders is from June since it is school day opening. Semester breaks for college produces a little slice of crowds.

Traffics, uncivilized drivers and pedestrians, add those abusive one which creates coalitions on the roads.
Terminals for buses and jeepney were created for an orderly place for riders and discipline to both parties. Some bus terminals were relocated away from busy and roads with narrow road lanes. So as to jeepney.

A scenario of huge crowds during holiday season is uncontrollable. Different problems are encountered by policemen, operator and other officers. Good for those kindhearted who offers free medical assistance to relieve some health problems. . Lack of communication or mechanical problems are among bus operators encountered.

There are bus terminals who offers comfort to passengers. An air conditioned waiting room for riding public is provided. Comfort rooms to mention. And an array of stalls for food.

Buses nowadays are almost all air conditioned for long trips specially. With free movie or music. Jeepney provides terminals too for convenience and orderliness. A barker they call, one who shouts for destination route of the jeepney. Unless the exact count is not yet filled up, passengers have to wait. It takes 30 minutes to acquire the desired number.

Relocating some of the buses and jeepney terminal is annoying to some. But in later part as time goes on, the good result is seen.

Let us learn to cooperate of changes by our local government, it’s for benefits and convenience. Include too the orderliness and discipline to both riding public, operators and drivers.


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