Our Enthusiasm With Bikes

A lightweight, simple, two wheels vehicle as a means of transportation. In dictionary it is define as a vehicle with two wheels on tandem usually propelled by pedals connected to the rear wheels by a chain and having handle bars for steering and saddle like.

Very versatile kind of transportation. A kind of vehicle which can take even rough roads and so narrow lanes. Economy wise since consume no gasoline, only sturdy legs and feet to let roll that wheels. Going to work, school, market or anywhere? Bike answers much of our worries regarding transportation. Some attached it with sidecar for extra load or added passenger. Wise move, why not? Here in the Philippines and Asia’s neighboring countries used it as transportation business.

How about in sports? Ah, that’s a good question. It was year 1898 when cycling sports began. From road competition, mountain races, there were individual and group competitions too.



In dating, how effective is bike? Nice question folks. My heart felt envious seeing two lovers on bike and taking a trail along green meadow with an early for before sunrise completely. Or maybe before dawn along a narrow road with wild flowers around or a row of trees. Fetching love of interest from school or off work and drive her slowly along that traffic jam.

Different gadgets about cycling were introduced. From helmet as head protections, hand gloves, goggles, knee and elbow cap. Fitted tightly shirts and shorts as official attire becomes a marked fashion for them. From water, tonic drinks to keep body energize was introduce. So many creations of things and ideas was introduce and created a big business industry to the world.

Different kinds of designs were drawn to minds of bike manufacturer’s. From sophisticated designs to weird kinds of arts they say, my eyes seems rolling. How fast are man’s idea to create such hundreds and even more hand crafted thing. Add the vibrant colors, presto!


Materials used? Steel tube was the prominent one. Some uses magnesium, aluminum, wood, carbon fiber or metallic boron to cite some. Illustrated are some bikes out of these materials.

Just so small kind of vehicle yet you have contributed so many things to mankind. From being a source of business income, a wide innovative work of art craft was opened, a great help for transportation economy and traffic jam. A cupid for two hearts in love. Open up friendship, a start of conversation.

What else to describe bike? Ah, sorry have to leave you now readers. I have to provide myself a bike and experience what a great joy and comfort others had experience.


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