The Most Comfortable Zone Of Home- Toilet And Bathroom, Wanna Bet?

Ancient times uses toilet in form of stone huts which had built drain under it. Rich Egyptians has a more sophisticate toilet and bathroom the made up of limestone. While the poor only made of wood with a hole on it. This was handed down to generation with a modifications of designs as time pass.

Shown here are some ancient kind of bathroom for the rich, while the poor on communal bath or on rivers near maybe.
Modern world introduce flushing lavatory with cistern, and continued innovating from designs to materials used.

Many magazine writers describe bedrooms as the comfort part of a home. Great designs of artist from furniture, curtains, lampshades and other accessories, side tables, chair or sofa are seen. Shades of wall paintings and frames and many more are given much details.

For couples or lovers room, for their love ones pace, assures to it that it’s enjoyable to stay in.

Others prefers kitchen for their passion in cooking, time is mostly invested there. Living room for some. People whose business requires a cozy space for entertaining clients.

How about the bathroom and toilet?

Toilet is a large bowl for urinating, or defecating into typically plumbed into a sewage system and with a flushing mechanism. Hand soap and alcohol, toilet tissue are main item for right sanitation. For no flush, any can either plastic or metal for water.
Wash that properly huh!

Bathroom a room containing a bathtub (if can afford) a shower or merely a faucet. A plastic container and a piece of “tabo” is a great help and need. A set of soap, shampoo, lotion, shavers and scrubbers are some of items too there.

Good for the average people that can afford to provide themselves at least one nice comfort room.  Not for lowly people. They are shared by whole family members. Lucky are the upper class and the elite one. Each has its own and even designed by an architect.
In cities of slum areas along seashore areas or river banks, it’s a free zone area for throwing that thing out. Few only able to have a little bit descent one.

At least nowadays local government keep on trying to procure toilet bowl for these depress areas. That is when a certain widespread diseases caused by this unsanitary ways of disposing human waste.

There were many materials used for creating a unique kind of toilet bowls and whole space part of it. So as same to bathrooms.
Weird designs you can’t imagine was made by these what can I call them?

There are humorous, frightening, as if peeping and in so many which are so hard to illustrate in words. Here are some of that images for you to see. Want to imitate its design maybe?

For me, I just wanted it simple, cozy and always clean for my toilet and bathroom.
But to those who can afford, that’s their joy.

Business booms because of genius mind of many gifted people in arts field. Just a simple piece of toilet bowl and bathroom as one sees, but out of it a huge contribution it gives. Not only to ease our discomfort but business, money.

A great comfort it gives to each of us. A place where we release those thing within our stomach. Relieves our kidneys by urinating and dispose unnecessary liquids.

Bathroom. A ceremonial place to clean our body scrubbing those deadly skins freely naked. Getting out so fresh. Am I right to conclude that it is the most comfort zone?

Excuse me, will go to my rest room for a while, bye.


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