How Easy Is It To forgive?

Nobody I think is exempted of getting hurt. Having experienced that so deep hurt from someone previously close to heart is quite hard to take. A grievous wound needs a longer time to heal.


There are things done against us which are easy to forgive. For light offenses maybe. When we are in situation that it is we who had hurt somebody, we neglect right reasoning. All we wanted is to be forgiven, ignore the incident or evade the person thru out. That’s for some case reasoning or stand.

But how about when we are in their shoes? It was we who was get hurt much and seems unforgivable? How will we cope with the situation when that person seems ignore thy feelings? As if he/she obliges to ask forgiveness believing what he did is justifiable. Or maybe doesn’t mind others and it is just fine for you to be avenge.

There are acts which are seems unforgivable some of us encountered. A love one murdered or killed, a gossiper who ruined reputations, marriage breaker, illicit relations or injustice to name some.

How can we forgive if one or some of the above experienced it? Maybe our love one or our self was the victim? So hard isn’t it? What if situations ask for you to do it and the person who commit the sin don’t ask? Ah! So tiring question in mind and heart. A difficult situation to decide. a divine intervention is only the answer.

Forgiving is avoiding to hurt that person who hurt you, an act of love out of mercy. Not because he/she is worthy or because he is worthy of it. We forgave them to release the hurt they caused us. Not necessary to be back in arms to let them hurt you again. But for each own good, evade him/her from keep on doing it again.

It is so easy to say by mouth to proclaim I had forgiven you. But I don’t want to see your face anymore! Pain cannot be hide, the truth will reveal no matter how you hide unless true forgiveness is release.

Since childhood, my years of life here on earth up to this moment that am old now, numerous deep hurt did I encountered and is still.
Many times nearly killed. One of my sister did because of envy, raped, great insults, false marriage, denial of their father for support and acceptance. Fake friends who brought me to shame for their own benefits. Oh yes, I don’t want to remember but need to write for a good purpose.

True Christians are God’s fearing and truthfully abides commandments.
We can’t lie to our God even to our self. I myself experienced it. Unless there is a pain piercing in thy heart whenever seeing that person, forgiveness is not freely given yet. When someone who was hurt feels happiness when bad things happened to that person, it’s an evil thing. Depart from it.

Repeated deep hurts I and my children suffered. To continue living with hatred, unforgiving heart, health and soul is affected and begets nothing. Perdition to hell for soul and different kind of sickness may be obtain.

Whenever encountering deep hurts, kneel down, cried aloud and pray to God alone. The best to do it is when you are alone in the house or got a place for privacy. I always ask to help me change my anger to mercy towards the person. And Christ do it for me, always. If sincerely asked, a complete released of pain is felt.

I learned to love them in spite of deep hurts, be kind, helpful and merciful. For my soul sake, I don’t want to go to hell. Not even a line piece of hurt you won’t feel if really totally forgave. And like seems just light though other problems arise. Trials, persecution, lies, offenders, rejection, misunderstood and others are continues things we will face.

Avoid telling about to anybody. Better if belong to a group, authorized person to act as median is good to make both talk. Try to ease that bitterness feelings.

Always bear in mind; thank God that you are not the doer of evil, so why not forgive easily. Our span of life is short. The average age today is 75 years, that is if lucky enough to reach that. Being prepared to face death anytime He wishes is the best man’s decision. And while still have life, enjoy it righteously walking with God’s statues.


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