LIFE – How Should We Spent It Right?

No definite answer can be found on dictionaries defining life. Just so sad.
In the holy book we can read the passage;

I am the bread and the life, whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never dies.

Life is the existence itself, a God’s creation, with breathe of life from Him. For all that is existing either seen or unseen, tangible or not was created by God and has life.

Human life, who gave us our life?

From mother’s womb, the moment the sperm cell and egg of a woman met; fertilization begin. As days goes, a life starts. Nine months is a normal count for the new human creation is born. Though there are seven months also due to some medical and science terms condition that may occur.

For many, having additional baby to a family or solo parents are just ordinary thing. Seems just a cycle. A continues flows of generation of creating families. From childhood, provide them education, clothing, medical health support. Got a job, and later find a partner too in life and have a family of his own.

In my solitaire moments, I ask many questions into my heart and mind. Why did I exist here on earth? What is the purpose of my life? Who gave me life? Was it my biological parents who made me exist and got this life? But they themselves undergone the process I had. If they were the reason of my being and am continues breathing, then why did they not able to defeat their death?

As individual reach their maturity, lives apart for their own life desires. That’s aside from having a family of course.

There are people who had spent almost whole life to a kind of field which chained lock their interest in mind. Dangers and death they face and accepts just to fulfill that thrill, enthusiasm of life they wanted. To leave their name be marked on history or acquire recognition all over the world. How happy are they to have that an array collections of plaques, medals, certificates or monument built in their image.

A field of education they spent to acquire much knowledge to that field of their interest.

An antique collector who really goes on from place to place to acquire different rare items. Spending lots of financial to satisfy one self. Some buys it for business purposes but others as home item display and pleasure only. Just to brag maybe to friends.

There are people who were so addicted lovers of animals, insects, sea creatures, microorganisms down to naked eyes of microscope. Men and women on different kinds of science inventions such as foods, medical kinds of science, agriculture and so lots to enumerate. Almost all of their life was dedicated researching or specializing to the field of life interest.

Well known great leaders all over the world, politics is their world until they died. Celebrities in the field of art, renowned artists, on news media, billionaires or millionaires, philanthropist they say, those in military services, documentaries makers dedicated life to one’s field interest. The very essence of man’s goal for striving hard is either to really contribute his/her knowledge to mankind (a noble purpose) or merely be known as powerful and influential being.

Above receives many appreciations from award giving institutions. From medal of honors, certificate of awards, trophies, proclaimed heroes, hall of fame recognitions, even cash award and to some for life time. So many kinds of benefits or form of giving honors to different kinds of achievements.

While others are busy specializing to field of different studies, others preferred to acquire a vast of wealth. Wealth denotes power, influence and names.

When others spent it their years in such above kind of things, desperate people lure themselves to drugs, alcohol and gambling. Resort even to belonging to a group of criminals.

We all know that all life has an end, right?

Memories fade out, it’s a fact. Recognitions, awards and others man’s achievement slowly dies out as person dies. No matter how well known you are then.

Before dying, as one lays bed ridden, did we ever ask God if we satisfies Him of how we spent our life on earth? But how about for a sudden death? How are we prepared for it?

Some will answer, yes! My ancestors are well known heroes on World War I and II either. Or they are great scientist, doctors, lawyers, nation leaders, great actors/actress, astronauts, philanthropist, media anchors, freedom leaders, economist, boost agriculture or fishing others. All got awards, attributed their knowledge and deeds for mankind sake.

Yes, indeed it’s a great contributions to mankind of what these people had done. And some are continues doing. It benefited many and is still.

Believing that when they dies, their families are secure well because of wealth they had left.

What if God ask you as you face Him after death, what had you done for my name sake? God is life giver! He can prolong it or make it span short. Mankind has bound duty to his Creator.

Many religion sprouted all over specially now. Bowing, praising with lavish temples and gifts.

God which is written on the bible is the true and only god to be worship. His words are truth and no one can oppose or make contradict to it. He is giver of life and sole owner of it. Had we ever ask ourselves, after our earthly life ends, is there still life to live? If believing that man has soul, where is its destiny while waiting for coming of Christ? Was the way I spent my life worthy in the eyes of Him who created me? Did I ever recognize Him or His presence? Who is the right to listen to enable me to understand about life while I still alive?

A life well spent with God’s words and statues are the best. Walking in the path he had lay, abiding to His words delights Him.

From head to feet for men and women He had given statues for proper attire. Why should hair of men need not be long, or for women not to cut even the very end of it? What reason why need not indulge ourselves to earthly kind of life? And so on.

The Holy Bible is the only guide given to us, provided whom we are listening to is a true God’s preacher. A true preacher can be proven if he speaks what is exactly written on the bible. He answers questions base on the truth of the holy book.

Life span is short my friend, let us spend it wisely. Living apart from God’s word will bring us to perdition. A wise kind of living assures one’s soul destination, a life eternal with his Creator.


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