My Best Alternative Medicines


Three months later after operation, pain started on my right side of abdomen. I have undergone surgery. A multiple hepatic cysts was unroofed and gallbladder stone was removed.

Whenever pain occur, it take me so hard to bear it. It makes me cry. I don’t want taking pill relieving medicines. I’m afraid of whatever consequences of being dependent on it. Taking care much of my liver.

All my doctor can do is to let me take those pill. A big no, but I did not answer them squarely. Three times I think coming back to and fro.
What I did is to have some hot prepared ready on thermos. I dip path small towel and place it on my belly enough to handle the heat. A three times of it hot compress adds comfort and able me to sleep.

I was bothered enough when pain keeps on occurring with even more pain than usual. I decided for an ultrasound. The result reads I have fatty liver forming, and a sign of kidney stone right side. Went to specialist doctor in urologist at Cardinal Santos Hospital. A checkup was made along with the results of ultrasound. He advised me to undergo a sonogram procedure. How much doctor? Around 7,500.00, he said. Huh?! The doctor laughed.

I searched out on internet and tried to found out medical facts about my health problems. Keep on reading studying the reason why and best alternative solutions.

Encountered in my face book about fruits and vegetable juicing. Best for this and that and so on. I found juice suited for fatty liver as well as kidney stone. Place it as sharing on my timeline. FACE BOOK even suspended or blocked me and not able to open my account. For the reason of the many sharing I got. I did not notice for am so eager to have it as resource ideas.

Medical facts found on web helped me a lot. What kind of food to avoid and what is necessary, and other healthy informs.
I kept on studying myself too.

I decided to totally remove rice on my diet. Only grilled fish and other easy to digest sea foods. Juice from fruits and vegetables. Two pieces of slice bread or 5 if too small with ginger as tea with honey in it.

Pork and beef was totally ever since 2009 when I discovered that I have that hepatic liver cysts. Chicken meat I seldom eat even then as once a month or two only. But since June of this year, totally dropped it.

My healthy diet includes a lot of water to drink. Another is HYDROGEN water a liter daily if possible if have money. Given me a nice result.
My breakfast consists of slice of loaf bread, hot ginger tea or with cheese. But rare I wanted it. A glass of cold chocolate and milk at noon. And continues gulp of water till in the evening. No food I allowed if possible to enter my stomach. But if feeling dizziness, if no juice at all; that is the only time I try to have some bread to eat or force having a very small bowl of rice. Or I will faint.

I can’t afford to buy vitamin C and E forte essentials, no job.

What I found out and obtain is good news and results as well. I notice that my stomach and belly flattened. My arms skin sagged and a little thinning on face. But my whole body skin is quite good. A light wrinkles on hands, maybe I was a little bit thin.

From keeps on lots of water, my urine is clear, no annoying smell but clear and plenty. My belly and stomach pain almost gone. Once in a blue moon now only.

I have better memory today than before. I don’t feel hungry, only a bit of dizziness. I am more strong and sustain myself standing for 3 hours in our singing congregations. Younger than me can’t. they go down to have a sit. My voice is better and can attain that high notes compared then. My throat has always seems so sticky saliva in it. Ginger tea everyday eased it all.

Depriving myself unnecessary food intake help me a lot. Though I can’t able to follow strict juicing, due to lack of financial, but fasting helped. It is a proven thing for me.

Am still bound to big debt from my doctor who operated me.

Do I have still to go to a doctor and pay 1000.00 pesos as consultation fee? My answer is a big NO!

I myself can attest that I am doing well without a doctor’s given receipt prescriptions.

Correct diet, fasting, juicing, avoiding fatty, salty, hard to digest, spicy, oily, with chemical and processed foods and lastly all meats.
Digestive organ of aging persons slows down. Taking vitamins to support lacking substances needed is a must.

Water, water and lots of water. It will let you urinate well, cleans all parts of our body. It helps release those toxic. Improve skin texture, less wrinkles.

Exercise is a must too. Keep moving, doing things helpful to body. Avoid stress. Have some outlet to obtain laughter and bear a smile always. Not in frowning one. Be positive thinker. Find a subject to express field of interest. ME, writing on my blog and trying my luck applying as web writer.

I love writing, it’s my passion. I can freely express my emotion on writings. I can give advices, educational info, as booster and so many.
Healthy living, be appositive thinker, no hatred in heart, live a clean life. And most of all be a God fearing human being.


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