A Must Profile Of A Good Leader


Few people only able to achieve a doctorate degree in the field of education if base it worldwide.

So as those who goes on business of politics. Why I called it business? Don’t tell me of being innocent about it. A world big deal of business wherein many got rich. Not just a career of greediness but a vast wealth. Add also another thing, to obtain power connections, to become a known person.

A bare truth that salaries of these people are not quite well sufficient for a desire to have that luxury kind of living. Yes, aside from salaries, many benefits they are receiving too.

Even a mere high school graduate can enter into circulation of politics easily. Here in the Philippines, qualifications are just simple. Just reassured one self has many voters expected.

Here are the must qualifications of a good leader:

  • A person who truly abides to God’s statues, a doer/follower and a God fearing person.
  • Has a sincere love for his country and fellowmen to elevate them to a best kind of living.
  • Democratic minded and equally distributes/imposes laws necessary for every division kind of life and needs.
  • Not a greedy one. People’s money in form of taxes and other revenues he/she will not obsessed.
  • No dynasty in mind.
  • Intelligent enough to understand laws, how to write and impose it without bias.
  • Pushing out even friends, relatives who seeks benefits influence.
  • Has definite good plans which would benefits his constituents.
  • A friendly man but so genius enough in dealing with neighboring country leaders.
  • Ready and accepts suggestions and consults his countrymen about their needs.
  • Visible and not afraid to mingle with countrymen.

I would still conclude that majority of these people, attained high education before entering this world of legislature. Celebrities occupies a quite number who become legislature member. Some started this career as barangay captain or councilors. Slowly goes up to a higher position. Being a celebrity is a big chance to be elected. But only an average number able to.

Politicians who are degree holder is good. That is if its state of mind is healthy and possesses good conscience. Where mind and heart obsession is to serve the country and the citizens there of. One who utilizes brain intelligence wisely.

A true brilliant one puts it into writings and works what is inside its head. Whoever wanted to be a good leader, must be a good follower too. Follower of whom? Of course of God. Who else!

I don’t know why people tend to be arrogant when they reach that level of being famous. Boastful and over heed attitude of their achievements in their line of career. As if who are down there are ignorant. And when delivering opinions, often stupid. For a belief that what was expressed was so superior kind of mind. Maybe because some laughed at its mannerism.

Just to hope to get a sure huge of winning votes, these politicians agrees to be as puppets. A powerful tool being in position to influence alliance legislatures. Or even armed forces. Being a president, a senator or in congress friends, what a luck. A certain group who make them believe that they are big number of voters and able to let them win, hold their neck.

Not all of course. I am about those unscrupulous men and women up there!

Good and righteous lawmakers still outnumbers these kind of politicians.

The worst of all is that they proudly declares that there is probably no GOD. To atheist, no GOD at all. But one man story I encountered about his dying atheist father. In his last breathe, took him surely that much pain releasing of soul, shouted, oh God!

See? They know there is God but only trying to ignore just to feel free of guilt. To be famous of belonging to a certain group.
There are many declaring they are Christians, so religious to their false beliefs. But the truth lies to the reality of their everyday life.

There is a famous woman senator here in the Philippines whose mouth is blasphemous. In one interview of her in a certain television program, she declared denying God existence. She was supposed to sit in an international court as co member in it. She’s so brilliant they say as lawyer. But often referred to as weird personality because of her unusual way of delivering thoughts and opinion regarding different issues.

Now, this lady is suffering stage four due to lung cancer.

Another woman leader too who though indirect, also suffered alike. Collaborated with the evil plans of the enemy of God since she is in power at that time. She let herself be influenced by these evil religious groups. They hated so much the true religion of God, by persecuting the presiding leader of Church of Christ International or widely known all over the world as “ANG DATIN DAAN or THE OLD PATH”.

There is no cure too I think too for the disease of this former leader.

No matter how brilliant is that mind, or how powerful, as rich as billionaire or even trillions of wealth human have, it’s useless. Ancient rich people like the Egyptians even their wealth is buried along them. So pity kind of beliefs.

Can you boast to the world now that your intelligent you are boasting can’t cure yourself? Why did they notice about it? When these people dies, do they have any knowledge where their souls be? When are they going to die? Can any amount of wealth of an evil heart prolong life?
Even great doctors they called, can’t even cure themselves. WHY?

God owns our life. If He wanted to prolong it He will. But if not. A short live life. NOBODY can escape His wrath. That is to show to mankind that He is a powerful god and there is no other god than what is written in the bible. But many doesn’t want to recognize Him.

They prefer other gods which will be burn by God at end time.


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