What Attributes To Mind Of Mass Killer To Kill?

A psychologist assistance is what easily comes to mind whenever we came across minds problems.

A trained mental health professional that is engaged in science of psychology. Their job entails in the study of the mind and emotions of their clients. They largely deal with the people that are undergoing emotional and mental stress.

A study and analyze of how people think, feel and act for the purpose of understanding, predicting and improving human behavior. It involve researching too.

Definition above was excerpted from http://www.ask.com Q&A Social Science. That is to have clear and obtain true meaning.
Hearing news such as mass killing really bothers me up. It’s a worldwide phenomenon I ask myself, what motivate them to do so? When in fact the people killed has no any connection to his life. Why was his evil emotions released to these innocent people. Was all that hidden dark within him/she is consumed by one act of killing? Or a continuous plans are on his way to do multiple if not caught.

A truth fact is all life started as a baby, so innocent. Not a great genius psychologist can predict a child state of mind.

I believe everything has roots. From genes maybe, within the family itself, kind of attitude and character within the family where was he raise. Life owns experiences encountered at an early stage. Many factors can be attributed of being in such mind conditions.
Scientist believe that there factors which caused them to be criminals.

  1. Part of the brain is deformed. Frontal lobes controls our decisions making, emotions, and purposeful behaviors. Criminals according to their studies. May have less control over the above.
  2. A brain tumor is another thing. A criminal who has this even wrote on his suicidal note requested to undergo autopsy if he died.
  3. A chemical level in the brain. When serotonin are at its proper level, it keeps people from acting aggressively in deep emotions. Causing the person react impulsively and violently.
  4. The brain doesn’t respond to facial expressions.
  5. They are fearless.
  6. There are warning signs as age three.
  7. The rational side and irrational side communicate too much. The corpus callosum, a bridge in the brain which connects the rational left side with the right side. For criminals, this bundle of fibers is longer and thinner.
  8. They are genetically predisposed to crime.
  9. Caused by environment, within the family, due to conflict –free within home, teen’s brains aren’t fully formed yet.
  10. Smoking and drinking alcohol, liquor while pregnant can lead to children with criminal tendencies.

So many studies for references for us to read. I just tried my best to digest the very essence of their research studies and observations. My mind would burst reading all about all of their writings. Anyway, they all have common concepts.

This caught my interest much. Though it involve scientific terms and studies, still tried to at least. I did some researching facts about genes studies on internet. Famous scientist who dedicated themselves for this field.

Genes from ancestors can be passed down according to studies and researched. Dr. Richard Gray, a Science Correspondent wrote about this. Through genetic switches that allows offspring to inherit the experience of their ancestors. Tackling scientific things are hard to be written the way they wrote it.

Though exact counts of crime acts or number killed, not so necessary. What is the most important thing to be given much attention I think and deep concentration of studies are the reasons, why?

To totally eradicate it is impossible, we know it. But to minimize it as years go by is possible. A big if, all will cooperate. It’s a big task to tackle. It will involve parents to be, family, teachers and children from toddlers to teens and adult.

There are parts I can agree to these psychologist or neurologist who studies human behavior and human brains. Why? I had encountered with such criminal mind. An assault victim myself and my two sons. Base on my experience and observance, the main cause of such abnormality behavior comes family itself. Secondary only for genes and outside influence..

Bible itself testify about raising up a good child or children. It speaks too about genes.

In choosing a partner in life, God has a guide too.

A wise man or woman prefers to check family background of partner to be. But not all have that kind of mind. There are arranged marriage by both side parent’s, or base on physical and sexual attractions, sexually abused to name some.

Children who were raised up well by parents, produces a good generations too.

Unprepared parenthood are contributing factors too. You tube have shown how mothers or fathers maltreated their children at a very tender age. What about those each in every household scenes not caught by lens? They express their anger, despair in life to their innocent children

Mental torture on brain is develop to child’s brain.

Lack of love attention and care. Favoritism. Lack of self- confidence thinking he or she don’t have that much talents or ability.
What are real factors attested contributing elements for these people?

There are rebellious because parents let themselves be abused by their off spring. Too much love or anything too much isn’t right. Environments, neighbors, friends, encountering with bullying attitudes are some contributors.

Anger, envy, failures, isolation, deprived of love, things and attention,, discouragement, in despair for love of interest, and other deep emotions are some causes.

  • A so timid and isolate self to a group.
  • No confidence to himself.
  • With child behavior and easily influence by evil minded.
  • Victims of maltreatment within their homes, neighbors and bullied.
  • No potential friend to lean on

Religion are among prominent reasons too. We all know that. They kill or threaten those who speaks against their beliefs.

Non believer of true God, but instead of different gods and mocking the true Creator. Minds who were corrupted by evil spirits.
If a person encountered almost or some of it since childhood and it stock to his mind, rest assured it will burst into a deep emotions. It develops a rebellious feelings. When a person or group that person hates is superior and can’t be overcome by its self, resorts to others in behalf of that person.. All ingredients of above stock up to mind and heart finds its way to release it freely. Uncontrollable, releasing all such bad and evil things

For some even celebrates it. Laughed aloud. Or just remain emotionless as if just an ordinary scene. Insanity develops fast.
Thinking they win and overcome their enemy, the one they hated about. Some even left suicide note. They know what they have done. Bad side is that they resort to vengeance by using others as instrument. A huge hatred seeing like his level age enjoying a healthful life while himself not.

Parents influence much their siblings to grow into such. Teaching hatred, envious to people they hated and plants to child mind to hate them in benefits of her or him. Resistance of emotions is develop then onward. Instead of understanding, friendly, forgiving and other good traits. opposite side is injected.

Children who were cared with right kind of love grows with it too. Specially those who were taught fear of God since childhood. Grows with love and caring. A hug and kiss for children develops trust, self-confidence and a bright child. Bonding is a need and constant conversation is a need.

From fetus in woman’s womb, a child must be cared enough with love and care. Nourished by health supplements. From infants till grown up. True fear in God written in the bible and no other gods.



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