A Wheels Well Cared – A Well Cared Life

I don’t have a car but still interested in taking attention to this issue. A news breaker record we can hear all over radios and on televisions. Car accidents are often caused by wheels problems.

The only vehicle I had was bicycle with sidecar for my business way back then.

Wheel alignment is referred to as breaking or tracking that consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are set to the car maker’s specification.

Main purpose of these is to reduce tire wear and ensure that vehicle travel is straight and without pulling to one side.

Many vehicles can go 50,000km+ before needing a new set of tires and rechecked again for better alignment again.

When an alignment requires?

An inspection for every drive out, I think needs a thorough check up. That is to avoid accidents.

Uneven tires indicates that car is at risk to accident.

Car seems drifting to one side even when think driving straight.

Driving straight but steering wheels is not centered.

Car’s suspension might need special attention too. It may be worn out and springs can be stretched out. A bumping curd can disrupt suspension and knocking some of its highly calibrated components off-kilter. Thus making wheels sit in improper angles. And wheels alignment is an urgent need.

It’s quite expensive buying new tires than alignment, but both if needed why be a double minded. It will cost lives in exchange for an amount which will saves life.

A better gas mileage for properly aligned wheels with the road decreasing resistance.

Vulcanizing – Another care for our Wheels: Bang!! Oh, we got flat tire. We will be late for our appointment. I don’t know how to fix it.

A car pass by and the driver said, what happened? Oh I see. I’ll help you where the nearest vulcanizing is. Take a hop. Thank you for being helpful.

Vulcanizing is a process of improving the strength resiliency and freedom from stickiness and odor (of rubber for example) by combining with sulfur or other additives in the presence of heat and pressure.

Along highways here in the Philippines in roads for long trips, there line up small timer vulcanizing huts. Their equipment used are just mere simple one. Manual mostly with some tools to help. Here are some o

In cities with big gasoline stations they offer too and along some modern equipment. But there are really business who specialized in vulcanizing. Equipped with necessary advance technology machinery. With employers well experts in this kind of work.

A careful inspections of a car before going on ride mostly for a long trip is a much need. Tires explosion is a great danger, it causes death to passengers. An extra tires for long trip is a must. Knowledge to fix or to attach and align it properly. Screwed tightly no to collapse.
Now, different modern kind of vulcanizing is introduced. Making tires to last.
Many inventions of materials too are on the market all over the world.

A very simple task to learn for an eager person who desire to launch a job of his own. Less educated people find this work as an opportunity to earn fair income. It’s a dirty job for the reason that you will really get dirt repairing that tires. But descent job though exerts much force. A great help for vehicles owners even for a mere bikes. Helps to minimize accident if tires were properly checked.

Vulcanizing, a kind of business, work and job which are so essential not only to vehicle owners but to all of us. Driving with good kind of wheels duly inspected, aligned and tough tires, happy and safe driving!


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