Complexion Race

Enormous kind of whitening products are being introduced and on large scale selling out there. All over the world men and women crazy for these products. Believing that white complexion will add much attraction or enhance their beauty.

Porcelain like skin are obsess by women even spent a thousand of money just to attain that perfection.

Having a dark skin is not man’s fault nor to hate itself for having such kind of skin texture.

We know for a fact that skin colors are due to skin pigments develop from different contributing elements. The climate and genes inherited are among the main factors.

Why there are nations, individuals or groups that hate much these black people as they are called? Classify them as third class citizens.

Fortunate are those who became famous as celebrities in film industry, or sports and for some on field of politics. They got high appreciations from fans and in their field where they belong.

Does it mean that being in dark complexion denotes evil in its personality?

Or it is the accuser who is evil minded? They are called racist.

They felt being intimidated being with or having neighbors like these people.
News bare it to us ever since incidents involving racial discrimination. Killings, isolation, bullying, deportation, jobs hiring and many more.
Whites assumes themselves as first class people. When in fact a big lies kind of belief. There are many whites too in prisons, all walks of life from down to higher positions who deserves not to exist.

Skin is referred as membranous tissues forming the external covering or integument of human and consisting in vertebrates of the epidermis and dermis. Whether it’s dark or white complexion there is nothing to argue about it, I supposed. Peel off both skin of the two, flesh are equal at all. Be content of whatever skin color we have. Skin disorders and skin diseases of different kinds is what to focus on instead.

What is important is how well we do interact with others. Just live and exist as human with good conscience. A true good personality in each individual. Be a good person to look up, either with black skin or white and fair. That’s what must matter most.


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