Plain Truth About Human Genes

Are personal traits and health inherited thru genes?

Genes are located in our cells chromosomes which are at the center of every cell in the body. It will determine traits as well as the way a body functions.

What are the possible traits which could be inherited?

  1. Physical features (hair and eyes color, facial features and height)
  2. Personality
  3. Susceptibility to illness and desease
  4. Blood type

But there are cases where it skip generation and may acquire it from either grandparents of either side. Different factors may affect too on baby during pregnancy. Birth defects are one cause due to abnormal gene. Abnormalities to physical appearance or brain developments are caused by this.

The very personality of both partners contribute a lot. A line history of generation of both should be considered. It’s a fact that dwarf people is inherited, though there are those who delivers a normal one. But only rare. An alcoholic or drug users either both or one of the partners, surely will have a great effect to their eggs or sperm.

Proper nutrient while in pregnancy stage is necessary for the baby inside mother’s womb. Her temper too or attitude while period of development of baby’s brain and heart. A healthy mind and body is a great factor.

Each individual born with different personalities. But have found out that half of the variation across individual is due to genetic differences. Some protest when compared to parents and the other way around.” Don’t compare me to my parents or the other side, I’m not like my siblings.”

Genes receives from parents came together and forms a siblings. They did so in different ways than in creating us. A twins for example, developed from a single fertilized egg, they are considered genetically identical.

They mistakenly treated to be so similar in all aspects. From dressing up and hoping same personalities too. A studies have shown that they are different. A sets of identical twins who were separated at early stage of their life. Raised up by different families and environment. Different kind of treatment approach by supposed who act as parents.

Both grows up with different personalities. Half of the variation in personalities is from genes. While half can be acquire how was raised up by families and also the environment.

Others researchers debate over this matter. To others, personality is determined by nurture and not nature. According to this one researcher foster parents have greater impact influence on the personality of a person rather than genes parents.

Does Genetic really Affects Our Personality.

Complex trait is a trait that is influenced by many different genetic and environmental factors. Polygenic means that multiple genes are involved in determining a trait. Conclude therefor that there is no one personality gene.

Genetics and personality can’t be completely separated from influences around as an individual grows up.

For me a big yes!

So many kinds of divisions of analytic studies about it.

  • Behavioral genetics which deals on understanding genetic components of personality. Identifies interactions which takes place between genes and environment.
  • Family studies determines whether or not a trait runs in families, since half of gene is share by children.
  • Twin analysis
  • Adoption studies (have mentioned above already).


I had read in a book way back then, that a female child adopts physical appearance as well as traits of a father almost 90%. That is for the first baby girl. So as for the first boy in the family, it adopts its features from mother side.

That I can attest, it’s true and a fact. But for the next it’s a mix already. My eldest son physical features and traits are almost similar to mine. While the second son is different, and was inherited to its father’s side.

Another thing I think contributor is brain. A mind that is smart enough and healthy attribute much to an individual personality and traits. As an individual grows up from childhood life encountered, a personality and character is developed. How a brain and emotions interact to what kind of treatment it had received from parents or within the family.

Kind of environment grown up. Playmates and friend came across. Incident and treatments had in life from childhood to adulthood. Failures or achievements or success.

If the biological parent (for single parents) mother or father alone who raised up was a smart caretaker of, a good individual is develop.

I’d been franked about the two of not having their father. I told them, it was God and Christ Jesus who provided them life. The man where the sperm cell was, an only instrument for them to be form in my womb. And it is a big TRUTH AND FACT.

Am not kind of a mother who spank and utter bad words since their childhood. I nourished them with hugs and kisses. They had seen how I worked hard to give them the best I could. But always with God’s help of course.

Teaching them about God at an early stage is the best thing parents can do.

When they grow up, they encounters friends. Not all friends are friends. There are young or adult who slowly lures or poisoned one’s mind… an envious heart especially who suffered maybe bad treatment from his family. Seeing another guy like him enjoying a happy family, befriend that person. Then persuading slowly to let that person be detached from the parent.

If the person concern has low level of intelligence and lack of understanding about the scriptures, then it is lured to bite.

I always ask guidance and approval if that certain person is qualifies to be a trusted and a true friend. God always prove it to me whether they are deserving or not. He really attest if that person is not good.

A bad friend destroys a good behavior of person. Depart from that persons!

Now that they are grown up and at age to decide for their life, leaving them to have their own life. Whether they find more enjoyments with friends rather here at home, it’s up to them.

I will love those who chooses happiness at home with me.

Position in work, power, big income or wages, so much believe to intelligence, boyfriend/girlfriend influence or spouses/wife are added factors.

The best thing in life that should affect us and develop our personalities is no other than the Holy Words of God.

But choose the right true preacher of God which will really teach you about the true teachings of God and not of man for money sake.


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