Billionaires – Are They Really Happy And Content?

They are men and women too who owns a vast of wealth. Owners of large companies or industries, huge money investors, with mansions and highly priced vehicles.

Some enjoys lavish kind of living and pampers of life. Beautiful women, luxury hotels and parties and many enjoyment they ever wanted.
This is a typical picture being drawn to ordinary people. A kind of society which is hard to approach. A powerful people, with influences and seems untouchable.

My interest about these people caught my mind so deep. I ask, Are they really happy and contented of their state of beings? How far? How do they find fulfillment in life, achievements? Do they still keep on striving though had reached the peak of their desire?

So many questions to ask and wanted my mind to clear up.

I have read a writing of Leo Babauta about 5 lessons he said in contentment to life of these two billionaires.
As he cites are:

  1. Finds what turns you on-doing what we love, things which interest us. Happiness to achieve of doing what we wanted to do.
  2. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing.-Minding not others are doing and let not others influence you. But rather focus on principles that matters you most and no need to compare.
  3. Know your strength.-Avoiding investing time and money to things you are not aware or no knowledge about it. Focus on things you are strong.
  4. Fewer and higher quality.-focusing on handful of really strong investments. Be more discerning and happy with less.
  5. Know what you like and forget the rest.- A simple or modest kind of life. Living a casual life, eating on ordinary restaurants and spending money wisely.

Surely, there are kind of people who are like them. Richness did not made their head to swell up. Wearing a smile in everyday life is a must contributor of true happiness.

I highly appreciates the two billionaires, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger.

Ask individual all over the world, “What is the most thing which will make you happy?” MONEY, that is their answer.
There are ordinary people either they are peasants, a mere mall employee, street sweeper and alike them, find happiness and feel contentment about their life.

Surveys and studies research for who are really contented and happy about the life they are having.

Rich countries residents they say are more happier than those destitute ones. Level of income is high, stable employment, good health and other benefits. Compared to poor countries or places, regions, specially rural areas who hardly finds income to sustain daily needs.
Countries in transition periods such as Asian countries, Africa, Mexico and other poor countries. Happiness to them is a flat zero.
But who’s to blame? Are the citizens themselves or the leaders and legislatures of that countries?

For sure these leaders. Corrupt leaders, and with so less knowledge and love for his country. No definite constructive plan to elevate economies and employment for his constituents.

I had tackled that in my previous blog writings anyway. Just read about it.
What is the gauge of true happiness and contentment? Well, will discuss that later.
Money can buy anything they say. Even love they say, but a big doubt for me to believe.
Money creates influences. From government officials, down to low profile society.
It can give you comfort, fulfill lust and cravings, travels, haute couture, modern gadgets, luxury houses and jewels to name some.
Friends can be bought too, but not true friends.

Here are 12 empowering lessons from multibillionaire “Warren Buffett.” World second billionaire after Billy Gates.

  1. Value your reputation.- it takes only a minute to ruin it for a simple misdeed, so care for it much.
  2. Work for better future.-plant a seed and take care of it well.
  3. Bring Value.-good service and product to offer always.
  4. Be Around Better company.-surround self with successful people, spending time with wise in business people and successful ones.
  5. Patience Is the Key.
  6. Take Calculated Risks.
  7. Do What You Love.
  8. Know Your Competition.- measure where to be ahead.
  9. One Step At A time.- slowly but surely steps to success.
  10. Learn to Say No.-no to nuisance ideas.
  11. Honesty Is A Rare Policy.-care for proven loyal people, honest and true, keep them with you.
  12. Take Control.-sail your self and don’t be carried by sail.

Maybe these are his reasons why he feels happiness and contentment by imposing these rules in his life. I have not able to read other interviews answering squarely the truth about the sincerity of happiness in their life and contentment. Summarizing it only conclude the contentment of their success to maintain that vast of wealth. When a person dies, regardless of his/her status in life, are laid on a rectangle piece of coffin. For rich people, a very rich kind of materials of course and designs. For the ordinary people a coffin of good woods. For very poor, a plywood is enough. All souls is subjected to be presented later on at the judgement day of our Lord Almighty. Some of these billionaires according to reports share half of their wealth to an institutions. But the question is, who benefited the donated wealth? Was it spent for a good purpose? A big doubt on my mind. While still living (for billionaire), had they ever think in mind to dispose half of that wealth personally to poor nations instead of leaving it out to institutions?
Had they ever visited poor nations with no potable water?
Scarcity of foods?
Non availability of employment or source of income?
No pavement of roads to transport their products. Homeless people, Lack of medical doctors and medicines, Places victims of over mining destroying the fertile lands, So many more to enumerate. Isn’t it better to personally visit these places and act on it personally? Ensuring that money spent is worthy.

A true happiness is spiritual happiness. A fulfillment of achieving a good deeds while still living here on earth. Not to satisfy thyself only or your family members and friends but in doing services, sharing wealth to those in really needs.

Not to institutions who will benefits only their name or a small number of people just to show they are caring for publicity purposes.

Benefiting a large number of humans are essentials. Sharing of what you are enjoying to a community who really need your help is commendable services to humanity, and to God.

Don’t let it entrusted to government officials that it may be corrupted. Rather do it while still living seeing it with your own eyes the good deeds accomplished.

That is the true and sincere happiness and contentment you would feel. A so afar feeling compared to what enumerated above by them. What they had enumerated above is how to maintain wealth.

Thinking perhaps that being remain in their status is happiness and contentment already.
When you dies, face God in reality, you will know that what I am telling is truth.


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