When was Catholic Church begun its existence? Who really founded it? Why it has expounded so fast all over the world?
So many questions to be asked in my mind and maybe to all out readers.

The Catholic Church was never establish by apostle Peter. Apostle Peter had never gone to Rome, Italy. A big lie, read the original bible. It begun existed on 45AD for this religion

It could be the Jewish Scribes and the Pharisees who created it to control people from believing to the true teachings of Christ.
No definite date about it.

As what I have read the writings of “Alex Christopher” entitled “Who Created Catholic Church” I have found out so many things.
It’s widely known about two kinds of Pope, the “White and the Black pope.” A bare truth that there is hidden agendas inside the church system. White men in robe symbolize good catholic common folk for public view. But, within the system it’s all evil, false teaching all against Christ’s true teachings.

This is not the exact image maybe of black Pope, but only to have an idea.

A very influential church all over the world. Seems untouchable and has it’s own government system within. Almost a large population of the world was converted by this religion. They occupies high positions in the government, in societies.

It was around 250AD, the Roman Catholic Church emerged as the biggest and most powerful religion.

Only the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Scripts were the exceptions not handed down to this religion. But the majority of the writings which survive ended up to their hands. Using it as greatest advantage to fool people believe in them that they are the true. Boasting to believers they are the one who kept those writings of Jesus teachings. So many believed.

They had able to build a separate autonomous, tax free state owning a city which is Vatican City in Italy.
They began to manipulate peoples mind, destroying other religious beliefs, ancient religious organizations, confiscations of biblical writings and other manuscripts.

The emperor began to rewrote both the bible and laws of the church, imposing their own doctrines basic tenets and their philosophies.
Heresy was imposed to non- believers of their church persecuting those who fight against them . Bringing to death to countless victims. They had able to manipulate ignorant minded people to fight till death those who oppose.

This just to give a brief insights about what is catholic religion is really. But beside of the truth widely read, there are still huge quantity of people who are blinded. In spite of the plain truth many are ready to fight and die for this religion.

Pope Francis says 2 percent of bishops, cardinals, priests or what kind of ranks are those, is a pedophile. I am sure, not 2 percent but more than half of it.

We can read about these sex scandal of priest and bishops and other high ranking on Wikipedia- Free encyclopedia. Search on internet are random reports, writings about sex scandal of Catholics priests to upper position.

How about pedophiles addict? Only 2 percent too? A big lie.

As I read Catholic sex abuse cases on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, I wanted to vomit. So evil deeds of these Satan’s people. The cover up of the upper leader down to the lower. Collaboration of even government officials with them just to cover up this animal instinct mind of these religion. Instead of sympathy, just transferring the accused to another place and continue to enjoy the lust of their flesh. Victimizing innocent children and teens.

I can’t search any images regarding images trials in courts for these untouchables religious leaders.
It’s not only men in white robe who are doing these animal hunger for flesh of innocent children and teens.
One modus operandi of these religion is to recruit children to be train up as “sacristan” and they fly the children to Vatican. A serious tricks! Imagine, what deep lessons must be learn by a little boy to become a “sacristan”, those little boys holding the accessories given to priest.
That is the big trick for the poor parents giving consents to let their children be separated from them hoping the boys will be at good hands. But in fact they will be played as sex tools for this hungry for the fresh flesh of these children.
The nuns of course are with them satisfying the lust of flesh and hiding in that white robe. So innocent to look at with beds of rosaries. But inside are monster.

BBC documentary- 300,000 stolen babies from their parents- and sold for adoption; a 50years scandal of baby trafficking by the Catholic church in Spain.

Canada- Catholics nuns forced women to give up babies for adoption.

In Australia, in South Korea and so many nations who encountered such evil deeds.
A friend of mine who had work in an orphanage under these sisters they call, saw what kind of system is they are imposing and doing.
Donated fresh breads and cakes are for them as well as fresh meats and fishes. When they can’t take all of it and the cakes and bread developed mold, they give it the children. The helper in charge remove the molds and give it to children. Fish are ask on the markets. The kind of food the way it was cook so disgusting.

Visiting days for the orphanage is Saturday and Sunday. They cook broiled pigs to show the high society visitors what they are feeding are delicious. Dressing up children in uniform. The old too who have tuberculosis. But after it, Monday till Friday, return back to same.
The helpers are paid so low with a rice added, a 2 kilo of NFA of rice.

It’s a very long records of investigations reported cases against the people of this Catholic religion. So many covers up by the leaders itself. By the officials of government all over the world. So influential and powerful religion. Why? Many of its members are government officials. Most of them are also like them. So the tendency is to cover up their colleagues.

A big number of Catholics from high rank to the lowest are gluttons over sex. That is Satan’s obsession. Destroy mankind and set a followers for him and fight against Christ teachings.

Many victims committed suicides for the shameful acts they had. At young age, it would create a big impact on child’s brain as he grows up. Poor parents who can’t do nothing of these people so powerful and influential. Poor for these children who are victims. Some will grow up like those who victimized them. Good for those who had able to transformed to a better one in spite of a nightmare experienced in the hands of those animals.

Unless many are still who continue to be blinded of these religion, still an avid followers of false teachings and beliefs, it will never cease. It’s the destination you wanted, then go on.

But I prayed that these victims may found a true reformations of their life. And to the children of these generations may not be an added victims of these animal minded people.

Hope that many could listen to the true teachings of Christ Jesus. And be able to hear the true preacher of God. THE OLD PATH aired all over the world. Try to listen and compare it to the religion you belong today.

I dare all pastors, pope, priests, bishops, cardinals, pastors of different religious beliefs to debate with Bro. Eli Soriano. I can prove to you, what you are teachings are not teachings of Christ.

You yourself will prove, you are in a plain lies of beliefs.


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