Wars – Is It Against Whom?

In the bible there is war occurred, but it was against enemies of God and Israelites.
I want to explore about the history of war rather when civilization started to grow.

Even at early stage of century, so many historic events of wars happened and recorded. Empires against empires, kingdom against kingdom.

I don’t want to explore the very history of each war periods. I am about the reasons of wars.

World War I began on July 1914 and lasted till November 1918. It was also called the Great War, and more than 9 million combatants were killed. A rough estimate I think for there is no sophisticated equipment still then.

They considered it as one of the deadliest conflicts in history. It paved the way for major political changes including revolutions to many nations involved.

It assembled two opposing alliances, the United Kingdom, France and the Russian Empire. The Central Powers of Germany and Austria-Hungary.

Later, these alliance were reorganized and many nations joined. Italy, Japan and the United States entered into as allies.
Imperialism resurfacing was an underlying cause of war. Immediate trigger of war was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. And a consequences continues tales of conflicts continued.

After war end, major powers ceased—the German, Russian, Austria and Ottoman nations.

Then maps of Europe and Asia were redrawn along with other independent nations were created. In aim of preventing of what happened before.

But because European nations and German humiliation feeling they contribute to the rise of fascism, leads to World War II. It will consume so many pages to write all about every details of long period of wars. It will created a crumbled thread on mind to know every details. What is important to know was to find out how war is ignited? As I read in random history of world wars, my mind clearly saw the roots of these.

So many great names written about nation leaders who were involved in wars ever since civilization began. From ancient history of empires down to World War I and to World War II. They were considered by some as great warriors invading from empire against empire. Nations against nations. For what reasons? Power! To show himself as a great man, powerful, conqueror and leave his name a mark on history. Those men know they will have their end. But to leave a mark for the generations to commemorate them is a great trophy of rewards. Their generations to look up and follow their quests and ambitions.

To have a vast kind of power and let followers believe that he is a mighty person, conquer another territories. Not one, but some to start about.

In his follower mind he created a frightened brain for him so as to follow whatsoever his plan. Anything he wanted to do, they follow with fear and obeying him. Believing that he is so intelligent, mighty man and a must leader for their nations.

Adolf Hitler has the above mentality. His evil minded obsession was put into reality. Why? His allies mentality behind him was above the category I had mentioned. They were insane to whatever Hitler commanded them to do. Millions of human was mutilated under the hands of evil man. s style are still being adapted.

t do it alone. Some able to control another nation by a foolish tactics. Giving economic aids, arms protections, health supports and others. With an exchange benefits of course. A secret deal between two leaders leads to a secret closure. The poor nation who has a corrupt mind easily bite the bait. Selling the future of his constituents for the sake of wealth.

Then slowly crawling the enjoyments of benefits of poor nations. Builds up their empire, economic sabotage. From mining, building large companies with low salaries to employees. Leaders like these evil minded leaders build up competition. Utilizing small states and nations. The more nations they able to convert as their alliance, the more they become stronger and powerful.

Economic competitions and killing the economy of invaded nations or state. The poor nations became independent to whatever is dictated to them. Destroying lands natural resources and leaving a devastating economy. A land which was a fertile land become a isolate., unused land. Water resources are destroyed so as the former fertile soils. Leaving even deadly chemicals which resulted to different diseases resulted from abusive use of land.

Sea and oceans richness are abused leaving no resources to small and poor fishermen. Cloth factories was replaced by second hand used clothes. So many employees lost their jobs. Economic dropped out. This policy of rich nations controls now all over the world. They even joined in force. What this poor nation can do? Nothing! But be submissive.

Another thing added to reasons of never ending wars?

War planes maker, ammunition, bullets, chemicals for wars, rocket ships. What else? Uniform for soldiers as protections and shield? Ha! Ha! Ha! What a silly thing. Helmets, bulletproofs breast jacket? So many invented and being manufactured.

A great wealth for these big industries and companies. Millions and trillions even are accumulated as long as there is war.
Life is cheap for them. Sacrificing lives of innocent people instead of them to die!

Crying children in traumas. Education is taken out from them. Even the very future of these young generations.

I kept asking myself, leaders changes too in that great nations. But why is it that same objectives are passed on?
Maybe it’s a hidden agenda to the constitutions of these big nations to maintain an invasion, be more powerful and be frightened of because of their superpowers of arms.

After controlling the economics of invaded small nations, they are hold up on neck.
Only god intervention will end up these kinds of wars.



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