Australia – Cultures And Identity

A continent whose culture was essentially influenced by Western culture. British colonization of Australia began in 1788. Then followed by various migration of multi- ethnic people.

English language become predominant. Form of government system was democratic as adopted from British traditions, parliamentarianism and constitutional monarchy.
It was originally a penal colonies except for South Australia which was established as a “tree colony.” A place with no convicts, but for a purpose as territory with political and religious freedoms. Rampant kinds of different diseases swept off many of the Aboriginal tribes.
It was 1835 when democratic government started in New South Wales. Different forms of Australian art, music, language and literatures was developed. It continued to progress even after World War I and Two. Flows of immigrant from other countries continued, and resulted to mixed adoptions of cultures.

National symbols designs for flags was designed. Other flags include the Australian Aboriginal flag and other flags of individual territories.
The Australian Coat of Arms, while green and gold were their National colors. The Golden Wattle was proclaimed as national floral emblem.
Royal symbols reflecting country’s status and others symbols exist. Australian are largely monolingual with English, Australian slang, Indigenous languages and variation in Australian English.

Comedy is important for them though dry and irreverent.
Arts here includes film, music, theater, dance and crafts are internationally recognize.
They have well known literature writers from short story writers, poems, novels, children’s literature.
The ceremonial dances of Indigenous Australian are among the pride of their country.
UNESCO’S WORLD HERITAGE list tree architectural sites for Australia. Includes Hyde Park Barracks in Sydney Port Arthur in Tasmania, the Sydney Opera House and the Fremantle Prison in Western Australia.

Visual Arts can be found through out Australia dated back 60,000 years . Some painted on rock, portrait, photographs.
Limelight department was created in 1898 and believed to be the world’s first.

Indigenous music is an integral part of aboriginal culture. Didgeridoo was the most famous. A wooden instrument used among the Aboriginal.
Their national anthem is “Advance Australia Fair.” Folk ballads traditions were adapted to Australian themes.

There were to distinct sources which influenced them. European classical music traditions and the convicts and sailors who brought traditional folk music of England, Ireland , Scotland and Wales.

Year 1960 when local popular music began to emerge successfully so as country music with a distinct quite style.
Television was introduce finally on 1956 and continued to innovate.

It has no official religion.

Holidays there begins with New Year, Australia Day is January 26, Easter and Christmas is celebrated too as well as Labor Day.
Cuisine is combination of British and Indigenous origins. They have abundant natural resources for a variety of quality meals.
They are well known as heavy drinkers early back of time.
No national designated official apparel.

Sports passionate people are Australians. Crickets, rugby union, field hockey, netball, tennis and others are some famous favorites.
Mateship culture is combined with the original convict and colonial culture. It created an irreverence for established authority.
Home ownership is Australian dream, they have a low affordability of housing.
Adopt underdog identity specially in sports.
A fair go belief on all such as same sex marriage.

A brief view of beautiful Australia, a need to visit


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