Why Women Envious Over Others Superiors Than Them?

As girls grows up and blooms, the tendency is to beautify thy self. Challenge is way out there. From fashions of dressing up to accessories get up.

It’s a part of growing up with some child behavior left shades on some.
But young women are more competitive too. But I want to give more impact to aging women. About 45 and up to 60plus who are sophisticated women. Either they are office workers, indulge in business or a simple house woman. As I observe, there is more feeling of envious or competition to older women rather than younger women.

Why? Younger women, though there is competition of beauty, reality is there. They are still young and can do lots of time to preserve that youthful looking. But for aging women who forgot to pay attention to self, fin themselves with bulky belly and skin wrinkles or freckles. Too late perhaps.

Then seeing a friend, a neighbor, an office co worker who despite her age still looking good in all aspects, envy arose. These happens mostly to middle class and lower class.

Upper class has less problem because the can afford any cosmetics, remake if needed. Not for middle class and lower one. Let’s talk about the two class of society only.
Me, a simple woman, a blog writer and prefer to stay home alone and do writings. Rather than mingling with women whose topics are gossips. Ever since my younger age, am so attentive of my self. I dress up simple but seems sophisticated woman. No make-up, baby cologne only, a hair ponytail wrapped with black  ribbon.

A derogatory  competitions arises when a certain group of women gathers together. Eyes are rolling around for an envious ladies. Seeing that there is that someone who is superlative in personality, she felt disgusted of self. First it start as envy feeling, then later dislikes that person.
For some, a hatred to that superior to them is turning hot. Not a good attitude.


Of course, seeing somebody more beautiful than us is quite jealous. Asking ourselves, why am not beautiful as her?
Women become furious in envy to other because she knows she cannot achieve what the other woman has. She tries to imitate her dress up and others, but fails to achieve the reality.

In groups, the envied woman is set apart. They evade her company unless necessary. But if not around, the subject is victims of criticisms.
Seeing that the subject victims possess the qualities not in them, the more hatred is developed. To some they are unaware that bad feeling towards the person is gradually increasing. A large number of women knows of having bad conscience.

Failure for their part to acquire the good qualities of that person poisoned much the mind of that woman. The bad effect is uncontrolled emotions and letting it burst.
There are many instances which provoke them to hurt that victims to satisfy the intense hatred. Or plans to put down that person she hated and envied much
Gossiping, ruining the good reputations, inventing bad lies, or creating a situations to lure her in shameful. Manipulating tactics so that that woman be hated by many if not all. In office, among neighbors, friends, even on religious groups.

Denial to self that she thinks she can still surpassed the qualities of that woman. Jealous over how good the woman is of what she does or how she does which make her look good.

She can’t admit or don’t want to admit at all that other is really more beautiful and good. A resentment toward that person and hating secretly that individual. Not only beautiful, but with intelligent mind and attitudes which is not found in her. She knows it, that is why she is so furious down deep inside.
Why can some women cannot stop the vicious cycle of jealous, hating and envying others?
Because they don’t want to admit reality. Beauty and talent are God gifts. Just use it right. You just don’t recognized the very self of you, that is why.
The true beauty of a person is reflected by heart. Countenance deep beauty is revealed out of pure ad clean heart.

No matter how heavy make up one do, or even a remake of face and body, still a true beauty surfaces naturally. Try to look at beautiful women so they say. Compare them to an ordinary woman who has a good character, modest in apparel from head to foot, the beauty is different between the two. Before sleeping, washing is necessary, look at yourself without make-up, still pretty?

Why get jealous, envy or hate person thinking better than yourself? Why not create a better person out of what you are today?

Short in heights person has the tendency to age slowly compared to tall persons. Why not imitate the way she fix herself up? She got talent? Why not seek and pray instead that God give you talent too and use it for a right purpose? Be a friend to her instead of hatred. She may share to improve your personality too.
Never try to be equally or surpass others with evil purpose inside you. You will just ruin yourself and your soul.

Don’t envious feeling ruin you. Be content that an opportunity to exist was given to us. Avoid comparing ourselves to others. It’s Satan’s work. Improve thyself by working out things which would enhance your personality. Try to seek that special talents within you and utilize it right. Be an excellent person in other fields.
Beauty fades out as we grow older. But good heart, character and good deeds we imprinted towards others, will last for a long time. It will leave a mark down to our generation and a pride to our children.

Am I not right?

Every one of us has special qualities. Not so pretty? Then be a best person of you by being good in character and outlook in life. Beauty is not all to obtain. Yes for talent, it’s so useful by using it rightfully.

There are women who knows how to take care of themselves as they aged. Retaining that beauty and elegance in all aspects.
From good grooming, clean living, healthy diets and fine taste of fashion or attire. She dresses up so dainty and able to carry herself up properly. With modest attire, adds more to being demure and elegant. She never wear ornaments such as earrings, bracelets or watch and necklaces.

Or any heavy  perfumes or face powder. Just a simple tidings of hair, rolled and hold it tight with ribbon.
Wears a happy smile and contented countenance. A clean heart with no hatred, ill feeling towards others but only minding herself. Instead of being jealous and envious to others, fix thyself. A wise woman spent life and time wisely.
Let us be happy for those who are pretty than us, even got talents and good character. Though you are less pretty than her, you have special talent too and you are not disable person nor abnormality.
Enough to thank God for being normal in physical features, good mind, with good family and others.




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