Impact Of Over Population

Here in the Philippines, the population rises now up to 1,000,000 as was reported the previous day. Still growing up in numbers since everyday birth is recorded.

How much more about in other countries such as India, Mexico, Africa, Brazil and other Asian countries and Latin America. They are among the countries having a large population counts.

Poor countries records highest number of childbirth every day. Though they know they can’t give the needs of their children, still not minding it.

Government subsidy for their poor living conditions are lean on to help them sustain the everyday needs.

Labor needs increases as populations rises. Foods productions and supply needs to be boost up more. Health programs too as well and medicines demand increases for many kind of diseases which sprouted.

All over the world, main problem of every countries are the slum areas. Poor people’s residences.


Congested places, no potable water, no electricity, no public toilet, no public clinic. Rivers and canals are full of garbage and resulting for clogging of waste water disposal systems.

A century problems unresolved for decades no matter how many government elected changes too.

The questions are many working on every mind of citizens who have a heart for fellowmen like them.

Why these problems is unresolved. We are not expecting anyone to resolve it abruptly, what we wanted is at least half of it. At least yearly, these country leaders have a full determination to have a definite programs for these people.

In my opinion, the fast rate of birth should be given priority of attention. Controlling the birth rate to couples who even at very early age indulge in sex. In adults who knows for themselves they can’t afford to raise more than one, still keeps on adding.

Others take sex as a joke, oh there is no electricity here so going to bed and have sex is their leisure time.

Young teens as early as 9 years old, engaged already in premarital sex. Without any job on part of both parties and can we say ignorance to raise family? A big doubt and foolishness.

But the question and a bare truth and so clear as sun rays, of course we can’t tell every individual not to transact in such relationships.

Family is the main root of every children problem. How they are raise, how do they rule out their children? The countries cultures are contributing factors too and beliefs.

The fathers or mothers who spoiled their children, or the parents are so open minded allowing things for their siblings. A so strict parents too lead to them to have vengeance feeling against them resulting for early marriage. Good if marriage come. For many, just a live in relationships and got another relation if did not work well.

But there are rebels siblings really, maybe inherited from genes or really a bad one children. Seeking somebody to take them out of poor situations of life, thinking that having a partner is a solution,

Parents who have many children, the possibility of their offspring to have many too. The reason, it’s so happy if there are so many in the house.

Without realizing the effect towards themselves and their generation itself the effect of too much populations.

Marrying and or live in to partners without definite jobs, can’t afford to rent and force to live along with parents, brothers and sisters. No home to dwell in.

To be able to live separately, bridges are good targets. Along river or canals banks. Government lands or even private land is occupied for years. Then when time comes to be ejected, riots comes.

A deep family study and solution should be given attention the soonest.


A social worker with psychological knowledge is needed to go on rural and urban areas where these people resides. A one on one exchange of problems and solutions be discussed. A government solutions regarding wide spread of birth rate must be controlled.

What are possible ways?

Educating people their obligations towards their children, their capacity to sustain the needs of their young. From the moment of birth, its health, right and enough foods. Giving them moral and good conducts to be a good citizens of their countries. Education, providing them until grown up so as to be able to have a descent job and life.

The young too, must be able oblige to attend seminars enlightening them about sex and early marriage.

Understanding genes root, family background of both, diseases or rare diseases that their off springs maybe inherited. Disabled children comes from genes of parents or ancestors.

Advocating parents to be, though young in age, the responsibilities and obligations to face. Good job to sustain living and a shelter. How many children they can assure to raise and give the needs of them?

Yes, it’s a big truth that we can’t deny, we can’t force everybody to indulge in these meetings. But at least I guess can be force to.

Here in the Philippines we have a subdivided forms of government system. That is to reach out even the smallest area or places. Every zone area has they called Barangay(zone leader) captain and 8 members as councils. That is in rural and urban areas. We have a barangay tanod(security) too rounding at day and nights for peace and order.

A medical center(small only} and a day care center for toddlers and kinder children to study. Public schools for elementary and high schools too and even vocational courses for the poor.

What is needed is strict implementations and compliance from both parties.

In elementary good family relationships, good values can be teach early. In high school, teens can be given caution regarding early relationships. What are consequences of it.

Drugs, cigarettes and liquor advices and lectures are need to be lectured. The effect of it for their future.

Family and government interactions together is a need. Time is precious, a fast move, action is a must.

Giving them a good job at the relocation center, a potable water, electricity, permanent medical center, free schools and a good livelihood project. For them not to go back at place where they evicted.

Things for them to occupy time in a valuable ways, giving them income. If possible giving lectures too for different kinds of vices to avoid.

A recreations for young and adults and even old one. A sports activities maybe.

Good leaders who really love his country and fellowmen to see them rises up. An ambition to be well known from generation to come for a very good deeds and achievements.


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