Rare we see people reacts a compassionate heart towards other needs, help, compassion. Yes there are still doing it, but we can count on.

Time changes so fast, so as time enter a modern world of time, people characters changed a lot too.

As I walk along a busy sidewalk in a downtown somewhere here in the city, I observed many things. People’s attitudes, so busy, in a hurry, not minding a glimpse to poor beggars begging for a penny. Others just silently waiting for somebody to throw a coin on that small can in front of them.

Me, I know how to sense a true person in need. Almost 50 plus years of encountering different aspects of people.

In a visit to different sites, my attention was caught by stories I read on site. A hard kick on my heart I felt upon reading the featured stories and scenes he featured. I owe to him and thanking him.

I wish I could buy a good camera too, so I can take a nice photos. Capturing those shots which are really so valuable and has sense.

I just want to share my view and impart the feelings I have.

I am a senior citizens too. I was deeply touched by these people’s acts and attitudes in life.

Japanese senior citizens volunteered themselves to tackle nuclear crisis. They are skilled veteran corps. Insisting that young people shouldn’t be subject to radiation. Sacrificing their lives for the younger generations.

Believing that new generations will have more ways to appreciate life and others too as what they are setting as an example. They had understand the purpose of life and had enjoyed it. Giving these new generations to explore life well.

What a heartwarming love bestows to younger generations. Instead of enjoying remaining life here on earth, they set aside themselves. Doing service which would benefit their countrymen and offers life in dangers in behalf of others. A very best belief that life is more meaningful whenever it is shared to many.

In sports, to win is their goal. There are even arguments occurred sometimes which even results to rumble in teams. But seeing a competitor extending help for opponents sounds crazy to some. Minding not to finish her course, and choose to help the opponent.

This just to show that sport is sport, just play it in friendly ways, manners. The true meaning of sport. Hope everybody would have a mind and perception such as this lady.

What words will I describe her act? Of course, love, compassion a true sport minded one. Life is more than sport. There is always another year, another or better chance.

An old average man, a beggar on busy street in Germany received a Samaritan gesture to three teens. Sat with him, played drums out of plastic container, other played guitar and the third sings along, all the three.

Because of their singing, passersby had thrown coins, a sum which is a great help for the man. It still needs somebody to capture attention of others to help. By listening to the three singing, a gesture on beggar was realized that a help is needed.

If it was not for the intervention of the three teens, it will just be an ordinary day where in passerby ignore things around them. A disabled person or an old woman/man who could hardly take steps on stairways underpass, any hand to extend?

Others offers free meal, giving a sum of money to some beggars. A slippers perhaps or clothes, a free wash of clothes?

A general officer who offered peace on his birthday and how well the protestors obliged to request. Even gave him a birthday cake. A peaceful talk, gentle words pacifies anger. A hug of understanding others feeling is a big factor to let others felt our love, compassion to them. Respect is another thing.

A young man was lifted up for him to be able to see his idols. A simple seems it is, but a great joy for the receiver.

Wish of a blind little boy to be with police patrol car was fulfilled. Cleaners who dressed up as superhero while cleaning up windows in children hospitals. An athlete helped a disabled to finish a marathon race at finish line.

A fatherly affection, small dream for a little boy, but a big bundle of joy for the boy. To the police officer, how rewarding of joy too, money can’t buy.

Wedding wish of dying groom to his partner comes true before he died. There is still a true and sincere love. Rarely are these scene, but still happening around the world.

What can I say, it touch deeply into my heart seeing such scenes along with their stories. A tears of joy, sympathy is what I felt.

Thank God, there still a large count of people who has a warm heart for humanity. Though wars has no mercy where in innocent lives are lost, in the midst of it there still good Samaritans acts.

In this world where there are many crazy people, good people never stops in doing good things for others. The warm love of some still exist.


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