Migrants Influx Roots

Central America and Mexico are among the great contributors of migrants to U.S and neighboring rich countries.

Mexico is considered as a fast rising industrialized country and has emerging power. It is 15th largest nominal GDP and the 10th largest for purchasing as based on free encyclopedia Wikipedia report.

It is bordered by United States to the north and Belize and Guatemala to the southeast. Mexico is just 1/5 of U.S. The government is a federal republic. Large southern areas are covered with forest and some can be cleared for sugar plantations. Mountain slopes are rich for cotton, coffee, tobacco and cacti grow.

Mountains have rich mining minerals, lakes and rivers and rich in oil mining. But still in big debt.

Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador has almost in common to Mexico. But El Salvador is a country with history out of conquest. Indigo was their export crop but the elite people replace it with coffee. Greediness and much influence to government laws affected much of the poor. Poor people became landless. Honduras, a democratic country and not a poor country nor so rich. Guatemala is a democratic republic but a poor country.

Reading the brief history of the three countries, all had a history of wars, conquest. They have almost same good geographical site. Beaches, climate, culture, weather and many more.

Mexico president

El Salvador president

Guatemala president

Honduras president

The kind of government system, the official leaders and subordinates, the elite societies, these four countries have all in common:

Corrupt official leaders and cohorts from top to bottom.

No love for country and countrymen, just grabbing the opportunities to live in luxurious life, travel and sports.

Land grabbing of poor people and deprive them of good opportunity to have a good life too.

Elite ladies of government officials and the men so greed of wealth..

Agricultural lands sold to foreign investors thru bribery system.

Low salaries for the poor laborer and scarcity of job opportunities.

Lack of public schools from elementary, high school up to college to give them good education eliminate large number of illiteracy specially to rural areas.

Lack of government help or subsidy in many kinds such as free feeding, medicines etc.

Lack of orientation about the benefits of birth control, family planning,

Foreign rich countries taking the opportunities of corrupt leaders to own vast of lands for their business with cheap labors of that poor countries.

Maltreatment of poor people of foreign employer and their government don’t do anything against foreigner.

Large and small timer mining corporation destroying the habitat of poor people along with the natural resources, again corrupt leaders and officials cover up because of cash money.

No definite policy for every elected leaders and subordinates but with mind just to enjoy the power and opportunities to accumulate wealth and enjoy the benefits of being up there.

Lack of outreach to countrymen conditions from urban or cities to rural areas

Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and other many vices are open with no strict implementations of laws about it.

People itself has no much control of their children specially those teens. Child character must be mold at home by a good parent. If parents have many vices in life, the possibility of children to be.

Kind of educators and sub standard education being given or introduce.

Environment poor conditions, no livelihood for communities to learn as source of income opportunities even at home.

The false religious beliefs mostly to countries with large number of Catholic believers.

Foreign rich and powerful countries who hold on neck of poor countries in exchange of small benefits given to what they are having.

So tiring for so many to cite all, but the reality lies there so clear. Then large and rich countries can’t think of best solution. How to control the mass migrant of neighboring countries around them is still a big problem unresolved.

A president of one of this country prefer to go on big sports events around the country, rather than to face the problem of his countrymen. Only the middle class has the opportunity to elevate more their life.

Drugs and different vices are big contributors to pockets of government leaders, law makers, department officials. So, why control it?

Victims are the people below, the teens even small children. Poor people who are too lazy to work either dismayed of labor low wages or just really lazy people too.

Gangs formed, from out of school youth and children who perhaps suffers hunger and no source of income at all. Drugs are best alternatives for them, money is easy.

Teens mind polluted by gang’s member and these generations become more aggressive.

Parents who did not raise well their children to have a good character are prone to be easily victims of dismayed in life teens. Couples or teens early pregnancy without thinking the consequences. Sex is open and enjoyed by many men and women at even younger age. No stiff program and implementation of laws regarding increase of population.

Rural areas where this people resides, there you can find large number of babies born every day as status is reported.

If only these nations and other nations like them has a good leaders and its subordinates, problems like these can be lessen much. But no way I think, for it is written too that in the last days before coming of Christ, all these will happen first.

Wars and rumors of wars, hunger, sickness and diseases, increase of evil deeds and works and many more

People who don’t believe in God’s teachings, anti Christ, different false religious beliefs, different cultures and traditions and lots more

Greediness for power for those law makers, leaders and officials, rich people who has no satisfaction of their belly.

Great nation they say competing to control many nations. Some are so ambitious who wanted to control all nations around the world if possible.

These attitudes are great, big contributors of migrants flux. No hope for them in their own countries, fears around, homeless, jobless, no free education to free from illiteracy. Migrating to nations which are among the cause of their poverty. Not knowing these rich nations did affect much of ill government officials in their own country.

Why still keep on discussing on how when the problem is as bright as the sun? Isn’t these are the main factors as to why people are fleeing from their countries

A problem so hard for them to give solution. Others, war is their solution to eliminate over populated countries.


Mercy on this people!


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