What is Liver?

Liver is the second largest organ of our body, under our rib cage on the right side and weighs about three pounds.

What are Liver Cysts?

Cysts are abnormal sacs with fluid in the liver.

What Causes Liver cysts?

Cause of it according to study has not known. It can be present at birth and develop later time, and grows slowly at adulthood.

What are the symptoms of liver cysts?

It did not cause any symptoms, however when it becomes large, bloating and pain in the upper abdomen is felt. When it is so large enough, pain is in whole abdomen.

What are the complications of the liver?

Liver cysts can have re=are complications on liver functions and liver cancer.

How Are Liver Cysts Diagnose??

Thru ultrasound or CT scan, it is figure out clearly.

How Are They Treated?

They don’t need treatment, but when it becomes large enough, a surgery is advice. An aspiration or secretion and drainage of much fluid is done thru this process. Or thru surgery where in cysts covering is unroofed or remove.

What is polycystic liver?


It is a multiple cysts in the liver which develop for continues time. People with PLD are born with it and have no large cysts. But as grows old it develop to large cysts. The tendency of having this, kidney, pancreas have polycystic cysts too. It causes high blood pressure and kidney failures. Any family member having this should take test because the tendency for them to have too.

Since 2009 that I have known having hepatic liver cysts, a lot of doctors I hop in to. But so dismayed of past doctors I consulted. a casual routine of examination, a tap on bloating abdomen, ultrasound monthly to monitor. A pain and acidic reliever.

It takes years of agony and stress for me. Year 2011, an IM gastroenterology woman doctor I met and advise me to have an aspiration. He referred  me to another doctor.

Anesthesia is injected.

Without surgery aspiration.

Undergone surgery aspiration or direct.

I undergone aspiration in a hospital and confined for three days. I can’t forget the so much pain I had suffered during the procedure. I almost died for the pain I can’t almost bear. Only prayer and God mercy saved and helped me.

Anesthesia is effective only on flesh of abdomen or stomach. When injection is injected to pump out the fluids, agony begins. Fluids is secreted thru a small hose attach to injection. First insertions to secrets fluids was terribly painful. As if whole of organ inside is pulled out hard. I can’t shout for that much pain, with close mouth silently moaning in agony. Grasping the bed sheets atop my head to have force. Two times the injections goes in my belly or is it stomach.

The old doctor who performed it is a radiologist. He is so careful not to secrets all the fluids or the flesh might be damaged and cause my death and bleeding. He let some fluids remain. Almost one liter was obtained.

Only almost three months lapsed, bloating begin again along with much pain. I have to go to another doctor who can really help me eradicate this. Lucky enough, I met a certain doctor who is good enough. .same as above doctor, an IM gastroenterology too. Two times that I consulted on his clinic, he said that another aspiration is not effective for me anymore. He is Dr. Henson Ryan Lim, a kind doctor. He referred me to hepatic liver specialist. I admired this doctor for the reason that he could insist to let me undergo aspiration again. a great income for him. But instead, he said, it is better to refer me to his friend who is a surgeon. for me not to keep on suffering pain anymore. A very kind gesture of a doctor’s true virtue. He set aside his own, and instead keeping in heart the very purpose of a good doctor. Patient’s comfort and complete healing. God bless you doctor Henson Ryan Lim!

It was Dr. Ruel Ryan T. Barroso, a very good and kind doctor who performed the operation which took more than five hours. It was month of December when I undergone surgery under his hands. Operation went well, and was confined for three days only. The knife had made a long crosswise and lengthwise incision. It took one week to remove the stitches, not with thread but seems soft wire, I forgot it.

This doctor, like his friend, Dr. Lim, was so kind too aside from being Hepatic Liver surgeon specialist. He helped us a lot. He helped us to be released at hospital though we have a pending bill to him and to anesthesiologist which is amounting to one hundred thousand pesos. He was the one who talk to his friend and just let us made a promissory note to pay it in due time,

Until now I still owe for his service amounting to big amount yet. And with God’s help, before year end, will make it to pay him the whole amount.

But two months later, much pain keeps irritating me. Half of June this year, ultrasound showed that I had stone starting to form and fatty liver too. Since then, rice is omitted. I omitted eating since 2009 up today. Oily foods, fried foods, hard to digest foods, chemically process food, salt and salty foods are just some to be eradicated on my menu. Much careful was taken since I just undergone surgery.

Here are some healthy tips to have healthy liver :

For non-alcoholic liver, it just mean that a gravitated fat cells had accumulated in the liver. Liver is like a magnet which attracts junked food, high cholesterol level and much intake of medical prescriptions which affect negatively our liver.

  • It can cause fatigue because it can work properly
  • Pain stomach
  • Weight loss


Proper cleansing Detox

Eating only raw vegetables and fruits with some grain foods as bread made out of it.

Juices of vegetables and fruits with lots of water.

Goes with some solid foods such fish,shrimp and always with fruits and vegetables.

Repeating above process, and as days pass, you will the difference.

What to Avoid?

Fatty foods and oily ones,

Caffeine and soda drinks

Meats and hard to digest foods

Junk and process foods

Avoid too much prescribe medications

For me, to stop that pain on my right side of abdomen, the very point where I was operated, I dismiss eating rice on my meal. Instead, a bread, piece of cookies or cakes. ginger tea, fish and juices of fruits and vegetables.

I avoid much eating. Breakfast is bread and ginger tea with banana. Lunch bread again and juice or whole grilled fish. If there is soup, good. Supper, I am force to eat a cup of rice and fish if no money to buy bread. No choose. No everyday rice for me. Maybe 4 to five times a week only since no enough budget for bread.

Pain occurrence relatively reduced much. Now, I can take a long time sitting on my computer doing my blogs. Compared  before, I have to stand every 15 to 30 minutes to stretch out because of pain and take a lie on bed for a while.

Cleansing or detox is really needed by our body to obtain health. To eat foods which are good for our conditions and acts as natural healer and remedies.


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