As I open my face book, my attention was struck by CBS News caption about this young lady name Jennifer Msumba, spectrum autism patient, where she received painful electric shocks aimed at modifying her behavior.

Patients are being strapped spread like eagle to restraint board and shocked multiple times.

In an interview with CBS reporter, she speaks loudly of her horrible experience she suffered in this kind of treatment. Using an electric shock. She wish at that moment of session that her heart stop breathing, to die instead at that moment so they can’t hurt them anymore.

She testified on U.S. Food And Drug Administration panel to ban using electrical stimulation devices to modify aggressive or self- injurious behavior and developmental behavior for severe problems having this.

If children and adults stop from that severe behavior, then it is stop.

Msumba wears a fanny- backpack device for 24 hours. A device that is attached to electrodes that delivers a shock whenever a staffer presses the button on remote control attached to their belt.

That is to control aggressive behavior rather than medications and educate them as well according to them, JRC”S

Msumba suffers shocks 5 to 10 for just committing one mistakes..

Mc Collins son was screaming when undergone this procedure. Just ignore the child’s agony in pain. The tortured, abused and controlled him.

The boy never recovered, as visited by CBS reporter in their home. Shocked received at that JRC’s institutions did not help at all.

Roger and Sharon Wood has different story for their son who has severe autism. He hurt himself, the two of them and other siblings hide and locked themselves at their room for safety.

Along with other parents who has children like theirs, gathers at JRC at CBS TV station. They are in favor of retaining said institutions for it is a great help for their children.

A big change for Joshua, their son. He had changed a lot after undergone treatment there. People they said, are not afraid anymore of him. He is able to swim, ride horses and taking up speech therapy.

The parents knows about the electric shock procedures. They were happy of the result to their son.

A big debate on court is still going whether to stop the procedure and stop JRC. Some said it is inhuman, cruel.

Good for the young teen who had able to speak out her experience she endured. What about those who can’t? Now, after two years, she is on recovery in a place along with others like her. She is learning piano lesson and a neuropsychologist is attending her. Soonest she will be able to live by her own.


A mental condition from early childhood characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using languages and abstract concepts. A lifelong developmental disability.

It present itself during first three years of its life. A neurological disorder that has an effect on normal function of the brain.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder – A person who have this, stick to a set of behavior and rejects any changes in his Daily activities.

But no person having this has same symptoms, others shows different weighs in behaving.

For severe symptoms, person may not be interested relating at all to persons. While the mild one, he/she may socially clumsy, but sometimes offensive on his comments.

They found it hard to understand other feelings, but frequently reminding and exposure to such, it slowly develop within them.

He speaks usually in one them and often repeatedly relate it on and on. They are a one way person to converse with. Less idea, thoughts and feelings.

Physical contact is avoided by them especially by other person. Mother, father, brothers and sisters, grandmother or father is accepted. A tickle is enjoyed too by some.

Sudden noise, intensity of lighting, smells and sudden changes in temperatures irritate their mood. But if he is prepared, not to worry about being get shocked.

Speaking ability is affected, repeated words and phrases is common. Their speech is more formal and woody.

A repetitive behavior, develops differently in learning or in languages, unpredictable learning, physical tics and acts and obsession.

I have seen videos stories parents who have like these people with child disorder too.

I was so amused how the couple treated their son, and son’s reaction to a baby sister added to family. Parents gladly introduced the baby so tenderly introduced to him. Gladly he tried to cuddle and parents assisted so as to let him feel himself the baby. He kissed gently and gently rub his palm on its face.

When a child is treated ever since it’s infant period with love and is treated normally, that child brain will be feed up by good memories.

Brain feed with good things, it retains inside that part of brain, memory part. Brain can be trained. If animals who had no souls no matter how fierce they are, how much more for a human being?

Yes, they have abnormal form of brain inside, but I believe love, care, understanding, knowledge, attention, perseverance, determination to help and develop in aid, all of these are big contributors,

Electric shocks are form of cruelness, animal form approach, a torture to brain, causes mental shocks and other damage to all body organs.

Why not put these people or their children itself to test that electric shock. There are contributing factors why severe attacks happened to these people.

George and Sharon Woods story they said and among them who approved of electric shock doesn’t convince me. Their son, in the midst section of Joshua’s brain, imprinted the never ending trying or their perseverance to their son to be cured and get well. He endured the electric shocks to prove to his parents his willingness to be free from that illness too.

It was the love of both parties which initiated, without knowing within them. Joshua is aware of moments he has severe attacks. The hiding of parents on locked room. He knows it. It drives him to initiate to be healed at any cost.

It is not the electric shocker, but it’s the love that drives him, the desire, to be healed. He conditioned his mind, he wanted his parent, sisters to be happy and himself of course.

Ask that neuropsychologist if I am not right! I dare you electric shockers!!

I have a nephew who had this kind of disease. A nanny who took care of him while almost a year old, bring along with her when taking a day off. Her son drinks alcohol and let the poor child sip. As the boy grows up, signs of autism was discovered. To make story short, we suffered an assault from him almost to kill us. Me and my two sons, the youngest is barely four year old. For no reasons at all that time.

As I studied the reason, he is not comfortable with us, irritated by our presence in their house. I have seen how he is not well appreciated by parents of himself, brothers and relatives. The pain, anger, jealousy ill feelings was gathered. He began to be easily angered.

If parent, relatives, household company is dealing well from childhood till grown up, person with autism would not be severe.

Maybe for a severe brain damaged with a potential of mental disorder, it’s quite hard. Likely to inherited genes who had severe illness and was pass down to siblings.

But for conditions not like above, I sincerely believe applying I’ve mentioned previously, all will go well.

My nephew I was telling, I forgave him. I treated him as ordinary man and not a trace of ill feeling I did not retained in heart so as my sons to him. He seems normal now.

Another thing to be emphasize is good food just right for enhancing good brain. Vitamins appropriate for shaping a healthy brain.

Treating that people with right attitudes, right languages.

Parents or anyone attending to him should have enough knowledge about this disease. How to care, handle situations, treat, the food and others.

And the very main thing to do, is to be prayerful to ALMIHGTY GOD, not to Mary or any saints.

Read the bible everyday and try viewing THE OLD PATH aired on internets, televisions. You will learn many things about true God and even how to treat correctly autism persons.





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