All over the world, we can hear news about wars. People in great chaos, weeping, crying out aloud, in panic, nowhere to go. Mothers cuddling babies, while other arms tagging along her other small children. Fathers, elder brothers or sisters carrying thing they can bring along.

A scenery which are heart breaking. I am a mother too. Sons who are hired or pressured to be soldiers or captivated, recruited by other side opponents as armies. Even under aged children boys or girls are force to join their group by militant factors. At early age, they are equipped with guns and ammunition ready to kill and be killed.

I cried a lot seeing like these, a never stop conflicts nations between nations or within the nation itself. All feet are in a hurried, bombs, guns, enemies who are after them to erase if possible all the people. What about those who are bedridden patients at home? Those who are disabled and has no capacity to run for their lives? What about the older people who are weak enough to be with their family on the run?

Reaching for a moment a place to camp for these people, a deep breathe perhaps to release that so much tiredness of body and mind. No potable water to drink, nor food. To wait for help from government assistance for their immediate needs. A shanties to dwell for a while, be kept from hot sun or rain. About those daily needs of disposal of our bodies?

So many questions to ask, doubt, agonies, pain.

Ruined buildings, homes are bombarded, streets and bridges fall apart. Crops and agricultural products as well.

Just a bit view of what WAR brings out!!

I ask myself, who initiated wars?

A dictatorship kind of government, a brainless leader, greed of wealth, a leader who is easy manipulated by rich and powerful nations in exchange for his own benefits?

Is it because of nation leaders who are so corrupt? Selling nation’s vast fertile land or once agricultural lands of poor people by force, throwing out their own land by dirty tactics by some. Taking the opportunity of ignorance of illiterate people.

Reason why these poor flocks to urban areas looking for good job opportunities of income. No definite plan at all to enhance road projects to rural remote areas for easy transport of their products. Schools conditions are so poor as well as kind of educations being given so different from urban.

Discontentment of service from nation leaders down to his cohorts. Protests here and there, overthrowing resulting to war within the nation itself.

Nations like China who wanted to invade neighboring islands for easy targets of prey they wanted to be theirs. A very big vast of land, yet wanted more. For the reason to be called “great and powerful” nation. Someone to be feared of, to be look up above all.

Conquering nations are so essentials for them especially if that nation or country has a vast of minerals for mining, abundant oceans supplies and of course, great oil resources.

Some wars are ignited by different religious beliefs. Islam against itself, Muslims. As time passes, different factions emerged. Influenced by the flow of changes of times, generations modernizations, wanted some changes too. Others wanted to remain from main foundations of beliefs or traditions.

Leaders who acts as if he owns his nation already along the citizens as his slaves. Doesn’t love to leave his post, leaving it to sons to inherit that precious positions.

Israel who proclaimed themselves as Christians, though clearly not. A decade of history, war in Israel against Palestine. Each has support from friend nation they are attached to.

Syria, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Thailand are just among having wars within itself.

Above are just some contributors of wars all over the world.

Again I ask myself; WHO benefits much when wars rose up here and there?

I go over reading large companies and industries who are not only millionaires but billionaires. Wow, imagine, while others hates wars, they are so high in happiness. Clapping out their hands for so much joys. Why? A so vast of wealth are being brought by war to them of course.

From aircraft war planes and jets, ammunition, bullets, machine guns and others kind of equipment used in wars. Below are 100 nation listings of among makers and manufacturers of wars tools.

Top in list is USA, France, Italy, Russia, Europe, Germany, India, Israel, Sweden, Spain, India, Singapore, Norway, Australia, Japan, Kuwait, South Korea, Netherland, Canada, Switzerland, Turkey, Brazil and Finland.

And who ranks among top ten producers and gainers much for big income from sales?

Number one of course, is USA, Russia, Germany, France, China, UK, Italy, Israel, Sweden and Ukraine.

They are even considered not only rich nations, but also as a powerful nations. Nations which goes along modern ways of life. They are large scale suppliers of war weapons all over the world.

If wars all over the world are in large scale, it just mean a big income for that nations who are suppliers. And of course, the main so big net of income goes to makers, manufacturers of these weapons.

A big parties of celebrations for many orders, vast wealth will invested again o banks and another businesses to be invested. Another tools industries to kill more humans perhaps?

They are so comfortable on their sofa in offices or in their large mansions, with a glass of rare wines, with smokes of cigarettes blown on air. Enjoying lives in luxuries while the victims of wars in deep grief, hungry, displaced

Do I have the right to say that these people are the main reason why wars are ignited?

If nations all over the world are in peace for a long periods of time, do you think they will be happy? When they aren’t satisfied for a stagnant company, what must be done so as not to lose capital? To keep the industries growing and give a vast wealth? Answer it to yourself.

Nations disturbance are created by some men up there, nation leaders and cohorts. It can be either planted groups to create revolution in a certain nation or countries. An uprisings against a leader or the other way around for him to fully control his power. With exchanged deals among these warfare manufacturers too. A double or dual purpose benefits are obtained.

Rebels, insurgents and other groups submerging are sometimes caused by insinuations for a country to have war. supported by country leaders who had vested interest out of it. Leaders of small countries  who wanted to be  ousted by rich countries. It happened here in the Philippines. Former Gloria Arroyo is president planted only, not really voted by Filipino majority. President Estrada was so against US Military base then and he was the one who caused for it to be removed here.

Small nations are prone to become victims of these big, rich and powerful countries. They hold on their neck. A protection is offered by them as in form of modern war weapons, even aids when war comes to that poor and small nation.

Can small and poor nation say no? Of course not. Economic flows and support, aids in different forms, jobs, modern infrastructures, machines, communications, medical and medicines aids are just some to name a few.

When a once poor nation began emerging, learning that it has rich mineral resources, especially in oil, prepare citizens!

Instead for these big, rich and powerful nations to create food production, improve agiculture productions and modernization of it, build bridges to rural areas so as these lowly people can transport their goods and commodities to cities and urban areas for good marketing.

Providing good school buildings and good teachings like in urban areas. Teachers who wanted to reside there so as to enable them to teach well providing them good benefits.

Health centers and doctors who will dedicate themselves in service. Medicines and health supports for poor people.

Introduce and educate them about birth control programs, educating them about bad effects and results of early sex.

Providing jobs appropriate to their cultures and traditions for them not all will desire to leave their places if they are contented.

Peace and order situations

Strict implementations to control or minimize vices such as gambling, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.

Good market place for economic and marketing purposes.

Yes, we can see some of it, but as a slice of small pizza, just to show there is also. documentaries and investigative journalist from different international correspondents shows the the truth. Private groups and institutions are added help to for their contributions to some lowly people and areas. But not to officers who are corrupt. If the nation leader is corrupt, no brain enough, no love for own country, almost his followers officials are same as their leaders.

A good nation leader who has love for his country will fight up to the end to free his country from any insurgency planted or insinuated by foreign countries to create war within hi own country. If most of citizen are contented with some above I had quoted, citizens itself will defend the sovereignty of its land.






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