Supposedly, children’s should be treated as gift to couple or to a mother. A bundle of joy a new born baby gives to parents or to a woman who gave birth.

Babies are born every minute around the globe, either by unwanted pregnancy, or by love.

Lucky are those born out of love, with parents or for single mothers who really expected with love for their birth in this world. Parents, mothers who had and is really are good parents to their siblings. Who had right minds, attitudes, understanding and knowledge of responsibilities of having family. A stable brain to understand of adding another human being in their life.

Different shocking news are heard on radios, televisions, documentaries and report writings about the poor fate of many children around the world. A very heartbreaking upon reading many things about them. Added also those pornography in internet wherein children poses in nude  enticing poses or really performing sexual acts. Payments are made on mail or banks.

Either they are sold by their parents as slaves, as sex slaves, there are stowaway who are plunged to sex den, or forcibly abducted by gangsters in school or at their own houses.

As payment for a debt parent could not afford, the poor child sever as payment and parent agree too. What an animal attitude of parent are these?

As young as 8 today, children often experienced sex. Some same as their age, or a victim of their father, brothers or close relatives. Within the family experienced it, is the most crucial thing to a girls mind. Totally demoralizing her/his brain, a trauma and a lifetime imprinted in it.

Am speaking for the girls and boys. Not only young girls but even young boys encountered such dilemma.

In my previous blogs I tackled about the priest recruitment for so young children to be brought in Vatican City and train them as priest’s assistant in mass. So the say to parents to allure them hoping these priest are holy people.

All over the world, rampant abused of children are rampant. From India, Philippines, Turkey, Brazil, Indonesia, every nation around the world has these problem.

Children for sale as sex or slaves, and train as drug users and then drug couriers How about liquors at an early age too? Yes, there many young children doing and having it. They are used for tourist attraction too, with corrupt officials and police as cohorts.

Sex seen by small children being done by parents mostly to houses with no divider. The enjoyment being seen is implanted to their brain that it is well. So as what the Indonesian’s children answered in an interview by a BBC reporter to them. They saw how their parents enjoying how smoke goes up into the air and seems relaxes them. So as the liquor in house gatherings celebrating an event. How they observe glasses toss in here and there, with laughter along with their parents and brothers or sisters maybe.

In Indonesia culture, children are allowed freely to smoke, no laws that prohibit them. In modern countries, though they won’t accept it on media, children tries it.

Why there huge number of children lure to different vices including sex?

The answers lies on the family for and foremost. Instead of caring loving and protecting them, they themselves are destroying the life of innocent children. Poverty is what they reasoned out. They can’t afford to feed them, cloth and give education for no job at all for both sides. Sending their child to beg, to be as slave, sold for sex or act as drug dealer at tender age. Police won’t easily suspect them or catch them.

Slum areas produces huge amount of birth rate all over the world. If ask why so many children when no stable job at all? Oh they are gems! Gems to be utilize as family earner for them?

Don’t tell me they know not know that having many children is not a problem? They lean much their needs to government. Getting married at an early age even without definite plan, no place to dwell in, no work at all. Only their love and sex desire is all what they have.

Remote areas, cities where there are slums all over the world, assures you of large populations. Sex is a form of entertainment for them, relaxing and enjoyment without bothering what would it brought to children that will be born out of their acts.

Culture and traditions, religious beliefs are among main contributors to children perdition.

Believing what they are doing are justified. Selling their children for sex for a penny. Then the parent just continue to have sex too for another profit when they grow a little. When that child grows up and had accidentally had babies due to being in the prostitution. Another problem.

In Columbia, African countries such as Conggo, Cambodia, Iraq and other many nations, young children are either recruited or forcibly taken to be their soldiers and militant. Girls are rape, and when got pregnant, babies are aborted. The young girls are sent home if not capable anymore in service.

Where are the children happy playing on their yard or playgrounds? Innocent laughter are gone, innocent mind was robbed from them. They were deprived of their childhood.

Education to mold brain to have at least good future was taken out. They were encage forever of their childhood they supposed to enjoy.

Instead, at so early aged, they were forced to act full grown up man and woman. Poor little boys are victims of old men and priests as sex objects too. At age 6 or 8, they are already in this business.

How can this be prevented if not totally be stop?

Not all parents or single mothers and fathers are good parents. We can’t abruptly stop nor control it. So many are evil parents, mother or father and relatives of these poor children.

Strict laws and ordinances perhaps should be passed by law makers.

Educating parents and parents to be about parenting and sex educations.

Birth control programs.

A stiff penalties for parents selling for sex, slave or drug courier of their children.

A thorough clean up drives, raids of sex den and really pursuit to put on jail those involve in these crimes.

Police clean up to corrupt and receives bribes along with officials.

The problem is the nation leaders itself are just shaking off the dust on their shoulders. If only these officials would be serious enough, many of these sex den owners and cohorts would be place in jail and be punish.

As long as there are corrupt nation leaders and its officials, as long as there are so lazy and evil parents, mothers and fathers or relatives, this will continue.

Gangster will remain abusing these children.

Anyway, the end is near for your end too. The hell of perdition will be your dump site forever. Just wait and expect it the soonest and you all will be there forever!!






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