The fulfillment dream of almost every woman is to have children. Either along with a husband, if lucky to have. But there are so many who are unlucky finding one to love them truly.

Some were happily wed and been together till end. But for some, separated and remarried or remain alone with their children.

But for women like me who preferred to remain single, for the reason that am not lucky too. Anyway, what I kept on praying even then was just to have two children. And my wish was granted. I never regret it.

So much happiness for a woman knowing that a new creation is starting life in her womb. A nausea, vomiting, a desire to eat that certain food, to hate a certain kind of smell she usually like and others attitudes.

The moment the heartbeat of that fetus inside is felt, and the gynecologist doctor says a new life is in your womb, a leap of joy to a mother.

Am talking only about loving mothers who really cares to have babies and are ready enough to face everything for their sake.

Nine months in our wombs, a mother’s care and love is much needed by that fetus. A good nourishment for her so as the new life will able to be supplemented too.

A great prayer is needed that our babies are normal and healthy, easy delivery also.

Good for me, my father was still alive then. He was the one who attended me. Took care of me well and my first new born. He is more than a father to me, so protective to the baby and my baby was well loved by him rather than the biological father.

Sleepless night almost at night for breast feeding, changing diapers, cuddling to let them sleep again well. A tender kisses, hug and whispering “I love you my child.”

Tiredness is out of vocabulary. Laziness is out too for a good mother. Anything she will do just to provide her child good kind of life, support their needs and protect them.

From being an office worker, forcibly resigned myself in a stable job. Couldn’t find to take care of my son, my father is feeling. Life began so hard. My father’s death is such an agony. So as when my mother’s death too after several years.

To a true loving mother who really love their children, self is sacrifice. What is most important are children.

True love for children of a single mom is to see to it that what she feds to her children are out of good and clean jobs. Not purchase from bad deeds. A woman who is ready to do hardships labor. A kind of work that when their children grows up, a chin up with proud for their mom. Why? Their mother’s job was a kind of job to be proud of and not from stolen one, or from being a prostitutes, selling drugs or any vices. What she feds to them are out of clean jobs, perspired much.

A woman who love their children, would see to it that what she does would inspire them. A guts to go on and pursue a life to success.

Giving them good education no matter how hard to carry on, still her perseverance to give the best she can.

From washing clothes for small payment, ironing, or cooking and selling foods on schools or in front of our dwelling place, buy and sell fruits and vegetables in sacks and carry it up though how heavy.

I had suffered tuberculosis and vomited blood for three days due veins which erupted. Only prayers of my two sons helped me to recover for a while. I don’t know what to do. But my courage and determination not to abandon my responsibilities no matter what happen, given me the strength to go on.

Am not alone, like there are so many who are single mothers, good mothers. Though alone, no definite home, yet able to survive.

Mocked by people around us seeing the poverty we are suffering. There are some kind people God gave to us, true friends who shares and helped us.

The happiness of having them is my gem. Though just living with a brother’s home, the happiness is still there. A ride on our bicycle with side car, our bonding moment. We talk of our wishes and prayers for a good life that be given to us by God. A drinks of simple juice and cheap breads we share together is a bundle of joy, a bonding moment for us three.

Determination of every good mothers inspires everyone to achieve that goal, success in life.

Sacrifice to skip meal for self, but never her children. Better clothes for them, setting aside herself.

Hug and kisses from them suffice any aches and pain in heart she is suffering. Just hoping time will pass fast and all will end soon, happiness will be obtain sooner. Patience is the key, perseverance, trust in God almighty, be industrious and not do job against His will.

A piece of meat a mothers bring once or at least twice a month is a big feast for the children. A cup of rice coffee, a piece of bread or boiled banana, sweet potato or cassava is enough.

Mostly, children of abandoned children, children of good parents or single moms are brilliant children. They grow up good children and abides in  God , mostly those who were taught by their mother about love of God.

How tears freely flowed in tears for a single moms seeing our children finished college with a diploma.

How another tears of joy when they tell you how they found good jobs, a stable jobs.

How heart breaking for a mom being told by your sons, time for you mom to enjoy thyself. You are getting old and weak.

But moments of missing their company makes us sad. Moments when they are young or in teens, where we mothers find it always to spend at least a weekend bonding with them.

A walk on a plaza, a cone of ice cream, cheap bread at least, or cold juice were we share always. Go on swimming freely on small rivers in our town.

Previously, when both working now, at least we go on grocery together, eat on fast foods, buy fruits and vegetables on market, bake some to eat.

Maybe as mom getting aged, a nostalgia, deep loneliness is felt.

Often moms are left alone at home, still doing household chores. Though so tiring for our age, the love for them support us to still tries to be strong enough. Yes, a hug and kiss is still there, but eating together was out now. The joy of chatting in dinner is gone. Tiredness and busy in text to friends.

Silence is boring and brings deep sorrow for us. If we could only bring back those time.

Being at our age, time is running fast, we don’t know how long life will span for us. What we wish is just at least a little time spend to us mom every day. Time is precious, we love you so much children.

No one can surpass our love in you!!

We never get tired waiting for you to come home along with prayers to God to keep  you safely always. A big joy for every kiss and hug before going to work and arrives at home. Still keeps on thinking of nice and yummy recipes for every day meal to office. Carefully washing and ironing clothes and fold or hang them gently.

Waiting patiently to be chat anything and be with them at dinner at least. It make us feel young, that in spite of our getting old we can still do the hard work. Because of our love to you dear children!!


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