Being a firefighter is not an easy task and neither the process one has to undergo to become among them. Only almost 30 percent able to pursue. Many didn’t know what they were getting into or just not prepared themselves.
To become a firefighter, there are certain qualifications needed:

1) Become an emergency Technician-majority of this department requires applicants an EMT certification. Emergency medical related are almost responded. A licensed paramedic with training and work experience is best considered.
2) Volunteer your time-CPR instructors, volunteers who are willing to serve community anytime needed.
3) Take fire technology classes at a local community college-others recruit academy provides 3 hours of building construction and 5 hours of fire behavior
4) Maintain a clean background and lifestyle-past behavior such as vehicle accidents, traffic tickets, arrests, domestic violence, anger management issues etc.
5) Understand All of the phases of the firefighters hiring process
6) Start taking firefighters test.
7) Stop by firefighters stations.
8) Get some life experience-doing household chores such as cleaning the toilet, how to treat customers, how to cook meal, how to do dishes, how to do yard work or basic mechanical aptitude.
9) Start preparing for your background investigation-an honest record of personal things about you, from school record, family, certificates, other key documents etc.
10) Learn as much as you can about fire service and get some “hands on” experience.
It’s not easy as we think entering in this job, a dedicated heart is a must. A time devoted for every emergency calls. An alert mind and healthy bodies are required to since facing fires is not a joke. Climbing on high rise buildings, mountain areas, lean pavements and walls and so many dangers to face.
What are volunteer firefighters and how they differ to regular firefighters?
There are regular firefighters who are hired permanently assigned in a certain place of fire departments. While volunteers, present themselves when large fires are present in certain areas and aids of co- firefighters are needed. Immediate respond from them is expected the soonest alarm message is received. These volunteers had undergone rigid training which include:
-Arson prevention
-Disaster preparedness
-Fire safety and education for the public
-Control and hazardous materials
Education options is preferable to augment their training. Some take formal education in fire sciences or fire engineering fields. And the most important thing is actual training.
Age requirement is also implemented, 18 and above. Gender, yes female are becoming interested now in this field. Many women bravely face fears and conquers it.

I greatly admire men and women who bravely face dangers in doing their duties. I don’t know what drives them to choose this field of work. Some are too beautiful to be there, yet they won’t mind having that much heat almost burning their skin.
Maybe, the adrenalin is there, excitement of how you challenge oneself conquering that fear. Blazing heat, a like infernos fires as huge as buildings, falling debris, almost being trapped and some are accidentally killed by burning fires.
A very dangerous job being face by brave men and women just to save our houses, buildings, properties, animals and lastly our very life. Sacrificing their very own life for humanity sakes.
They are like super heroes on movies, climbing on high rise buildings, climbing on high walls or stairs.

Good for rich states who can afford uniforms for their men and women which can resists and protect them from blazing heat of fires, a fire masks and oxygen, helmets and others.

Here in the Philippines, rural areas have poor uniforms and equipment tools for their safety and good firefighter’s trucks and tools needed. Trucks are lacking and other equipment needed for them to quickly respond to any emergency calls.
A call of help and support from well off people to kindly let us help to build up a good kind of service to fire departments who are in much need.
Their life is dedicated not just to combat fires but also in savings fire trapped victims, those who suffered injury due to fire incidents, first aid and emergency treatments.
Many fire fighters died in service, doing their duty so diligent. Minding not their own families just to do their job faithfully in service to humanity.
I just hope and pray many would be like them, young generations who will up look them and dream to be like them.
I salute you men and women for your dedication to the kind of work field you had chosen.


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