Just recently, Robin William’s death was attributed to suicide though not thoroughly confirmed. There were many celebrities and even wealthy and famous who had resorted to suicides.

What is suicide really mean? According to different writings, there is no definite definition for it. It varies, maybe according to purpose of suicides, the ways, the intentions and so many factors.

But for me, suicide is self- decision to kill him/herself for so many different reason. Those people who really long plan to kill self, are people being preventive to die. But those who are quick to decide are the one who really succeed in killing themselves.

Bipolar or with mental disorder are most victim of sudden suicides. We can’t blame them for the reason that they have a different way of thinking.

Those who plan to commit this, can be consider in normal thinking. The only problem is that they are short thinkers. They know what they are doing, and the consequences of it.

Aging veterans who feels unworthy, no one to care, no place to go.
Disabled people who can’t earn for a living or support families.
A kind of thinking that it is the only resort to end everything they cannot bear anymore.
A remorse of conscience which almost make them insane.
Pain either caused by diseases or emotion which they can’t tolerate.
Too much shame suffered due to bullying or gossips.
Hopelessness for broken heart left by wife or husband, loss of jobs.
Feeling of unworthiness, rejection within the family, friends or at work.
Due to drug addiction or alcohol.
Too much depression kept within self for no one to entrust problems.
Post traumatic experience.
Too much stress due to financial problems.Being alone, isolated due to death of love one.
Aging problem, seems no one to care.
Bipolar disorder or personality disorder.
Him/herself caused the death of somebody or love one.

Varies ways of suicides are being done or let say trending in suicides:

Hanging oneself with a rope, blanket or any form, self- suffocation, firearm shots, drinking poison, lacerations, head banging, jumping on high places, overdose of medicines, burning and other ways.
Each year, nearly one million people worldwide commit suicide each year. In united States, about 30 million kill themselves yearly.
It is the eight leading cause in males death and 16th for females. Teens suicide statistics report for youth ranges from 15-19 years of age year of 19’s but is increasing. Year 2010 veteran suicides were commit by who have been in military sometimes of their lives.
Professionals such as dentists, police officers, wealthy men and women too are prone to suicides.

What are the risks factors for suicides?

Access to tools such as guns or sharp knives.
History of hurting themselves purposely.
Has history of being neglected or abused.
Residing in place of recent outbreaks in suicide.
Romance breakup.
Most people involve in suicides, don’t have intent to die. Just to caught attention perhaps of their grievances, by crying aloud or calling for help.
Others think that by dying, they had able to make favors to their relatives, friends or love one. Believing they are a burden and should not exist anymore.

What are symptoms we must or can be observe?

Can’t think clearly and seems having disturbance behavior.
Giving away things belonging to him/her..
Hint for being away for long time.
A moody attitudes and loss of interest to daily activities.
Resorting to alcohol drinking, drugs or shaving hair.
Isolating self.
Trouble in work or school.
Talking about ending life.
Providing oneself tools for suicide.

Who are these people risk to commit suicide?

Those who believe they are helpless.
Attitude of self- confinement of problems.
No trusted person to run to about problems.
Abnormality in speaking, acts as if insane.

But there who just remain calm without any traces of plan to kill oneself. They really plan it carefully without being notice by household mates or love ones and friends close to him/her.

If within the family, or circle of friends, we encounter such person, how are we going to approach such person and to prevent plan of killing self?

We don’t own our life, it is God Almighty who gave it. It is a great sin to end it our self. If we only believe in Him, trust and fear in Him, we would not resort to suicide.

Just because of simple problems, broken heart, abandon by spouse, wife children, or seems unwanted and so on, to end life is always in mind. Just adding problem to another problem.

Good family relationships is a big factor to evade such incidents. If there is a good communication within the family. But the problem is not all families have it.

Having good best friend who are sincere and truly can be called friend is a big help. We all need someone to confide things we can’t tell to our parents or a brother/sisters.

A sincere one on one talk with that person. If it’s the father, wife and children should surround him and ensure him their love. Abandon by wife or husband, children or friend must help to pacify emotion. A good counseling is needed.
In family, bonding is so necessary. Communication among the children, knowing the needs or sentiments, problems, dreams, knowing their friends and others.
Be attentive for any change in behavior of our person close to us, knowing they are having problems or needs being encountered.
Love, care, text or a call by phone, visiting personally are among the best solutions.
If only many acknowledge God’s teachings, fear him personally, one will not attempt to do so.
The problem is not all parents, not all children or friends, or wife and spouses have same kind of understanding, characters, religious beliefs, level of loving, patience, kindness, trust and many other good values.
But if there is at least love in your heart for that person having suicide attempt, read these carefully to prevent at least.


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