Suicides refer to killing of self, and how about mercy killing?
Assisted suicide they call is killing self by injection assisted of course by a doctor with patient itself request.

Mercy killing is either a personal request or wish of a patient mostly suffering much pain which can’t be bear anymore. This happens mostly in hospitals or private small hospitals with patients who are terminally ill and no enough fund to sustain medications. No relatives to support them, so they beg attending physician to end one’s life.

Another is called euthanasia, where the patient’s consent is not obtained. It’s the personal decision of doctor to end patient life. Without knowledge of the patient, an overdose dosage is given to him/her and telling them as pain reliever. Hoping it would elevate their agony of pain they are suffering, take it. Then they either abruptly dies or slowly lose breathe.
Collaboration between parents or close relative taking care of the patients and the doctors happens occasionally. Thinking that what they had decides is the best for the patient. A kind gesture to patient is what they believe, helping the patient not to prolong sufferings. Those with terminal illness are always victims of this mercy killings they say.
For parents, relatives taking care of these kind of people who daily suffers so much pain and agony they couldn’t bear, hurt them so much too, they say. Depression and hopelessness for both sides are added reason.
Disease which has no cure such as cancer of different kinds, it could be breast cancer, ovary, liver and others. Heart ailments where an oxygen tank is necessary thru out to sustain breathing, lung cancer and other rare ailments.
True, medical assisted ailments needs a large pockets to sustain a life. At least better for millionaire and so well off for they can provide good medical assistance to love ones.
But for the middle income earner it’s quite hard for a so prolong medications.
For the poor people, we just wait for God’s mercy and natural remedies we can obtain. Mercy from Him to prolong or shorten it for not to suffer long or a miracle for recovery is what we just expect.
For parents with children or the other way around, who has terminally ill patient, and sees how their love one groans in pain, crying so hard, finds it so hard too. A drastic decision is made. Doctors help is ask, determining the condition of patient whether condition has hope or nothing.
When the doctor assures them that there is no more hope, parents decides to have their child’s life be ended.

One of the case in Belgium was a twin brothers about to go blind and deaf. For that reason, they were terminated.
Government demand on hospitals and doctors to show a valid proof of the true conditions of patients whether they are really terminally ill.
In Holland, euthanasia is legal here, even without patient’s consent, yet no doctors was persecuted. North America seems to follow. In Britain, a doctor named Dr. Michael Irwin, admitted helping terminally ill child patient by giving high doses painkillers. For the reason to relieve discomfort, pain and other symptoms.
I feel sorrow for these kind of acts or decisions of these we can call modern world countries.
As if they know better than one who created them. For the reason they are their parents, assuming have right for the life of their children to terminate it and the other way around.
Also for the doctors who personally administered the killings either by injections or by huge amount dosage of pain killers.
Only the Almighty God has the sovereign power to prolong or to end our life. Yes, they are our parents given to us, or they are children given to us. Does it give us an authority to end another life? We. Even our self has no authority to end this life.
Jesus Christ has done great sacrifices, sufferings, that agony on the cross when his ribs was struck by arrow, his thigh was broken, was beaten up repeatedly while going up to Calvary and so many he endures from hands of man.
He did not tried to ask the Father Almighty to end it abruptly, but waited for the will.
Children in sufferings of so cruel pain, yes, am a parent too and I know it’s so hurt seeing them in agony. But have we ever ask ourselves why are we having this such horrible experience? Maybe, there is some points we should emphasize. God has something to convey to whatever we are enduring.
A reminder perhaps from above of our lapses in our faith. A keel on the floor, a fervent prayer with repentance, a grieving heart, a plea for our needs. He is just a short distance away from us. Pray without ceasing! He has an ear to every righteous person.


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