Hearing and reading stories about couples who had shared their life for 50, 70 even up to 80 years gives me a so much joyful feeling.
Today’s generation, seldom we can hear couples truly in love. Early separation are common either for celebrities, politicians, elite people even for lowly people and teens early marriages.

Physical attraction are almost the basis of their being together and says in love. Or the financial security perhaps that a woman needs. Avoiding family problems is another reason, arranged marriages brought by culture beliefs or force marriages by either side. Age gap can be another factor when a woman is much older than the man or the other way around. The man is much older than the woman and can’t give the sexual satisfaction of woman.

When a woman lost her figure, beauty because she forgot to take care of self in favor of responsibilities of a mother. Some become so fat or so thin, others acquired diseases and lost her/his sex appeal.
Vices such as being alcoholic, smokers, gambling is a big reason for couple’s conflicts. And the worst is when one of other parties engage in illicit relationships, a man or the woman who punches their partners, lazy, nagger. Not a good daughter or son in laws.
Marriages out of love is the one that last.

Lovers who had undergone courtships, families consent, both parties are in favor to partner chosen by their off springs. Both are aware of characters of each; the likes and the don’t, tantrum moments, weaknesses are great contributing factors to obtain a good marriage.
The couple who had shared their life together for 70 years said that their secret for being together is being opposites and not living in the land of I want.
True, learning that one has opposite character of the other, when your partner really loves his/her partner, they learn to cope and accept any differences between them.
A give and take relationships. I want this and not that is out of their rule. Trying to know and understand, what are the things that would satisfies the other is best. Letting your partner of how important person he/she to your life. Knowing likes and dislikes for foods and others, whatever lapses the other has always forgiveness.

Two times I saw a couple in an interview in a television program, how did they able to reach their old age and remained faithful to each. The woman can’t give him a child for her ovary has defect. He had known it at early stage of marriage. Yet, the man said, never mind as long as we are together. You will be my baby, my love. They lived till old and still much in love. Without flirting to other woman.
One of the couple in British who had shared their life for 80 years, said, it works because they have sense of humor. They just laugh at same things. They battled their way through life, work hard for it without tragedy. They had shared so many good moments together.
An American couple married for 81 years and still much in love. Their key to happy together is just simple. Just contentment with what you have and what you are doing. Straightening things right away, if not, one of the other must try to go along with it. Communication and understanding one another, settling any differences at once.
Life is not great all the way around. True, we can encounters rough roads sometimes, obstacles. But just go on smoothly with life.
Marriage with courtship, and assuring each self whether the one we are choosing is really the one. Readiness to face a married life with faithfulness. Love not base on physical aspects but on pure love. Acceptance. Discovering any untoward attitudes is a challenge to be accepted.
If generations of today couple would just take a look back to couples above, they too would end their life still being so in love and intact to each other.
They will set and leave a good example and memory to their children and grandchildren.


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