Doctors are Just Human

We highly regard doctors because they the person we ran to whenever we are in need of medical attention. Many people depend their health upon doctor’s advices. It’s so alarming knowing there are numbers of medical practitioners who lost patience in life.

In one items I read, felt frustrated tagging doctors as the most miserable profession. Imagine, 300 physicians commit suicide every year. Nine out of ten doctors discourage others to go on their profession. Labeling it as the second most suicidal occupation.
It seems that America has a great disagreement against physicians, where in the end losers are patients and physicians. A reason why many opt for high paying specialties for them to retire as quickly as possible.
The insurance problems, difficulty dealing with insurers has caused many physicians to close their practices and become employees. To make both ends meet, physicians had to increase the number of patients they see. Face- to- face clinic visit lasts now only to 12 minutes as a results.
Percentage for women appears higher than in men, they are especially vulnerable to complete suicide.
Some reasons cited are self-destructive tendency, depression, guilty self-concept mostly for students. They added, according to report and studied interviews of relatives, it’s not more specialties. Fewer friends and acquaintances, receiving less emotional support.

Others are caused by those who had chronic physical or mental disorders at time of death. Drug problem is another being given blame and the depression likely while on intern residency. Deprivation of sleep which can result in both cognitive impairment ad emotional fragility. They are introduce to the medical mentality of distancing from patients during both medical school and residency. More work without complaining and learning to compartmentalize feelings. They are tag as perfectionism, a kind of “workaholic standards” rule the day.
Long hours of work, depriving themselves and deny their own needs.

A unique stresses which include coping with intense emotions around issues of suffering, fear, sexuality, morality, problem patients who can be demanding, and pervasive uncertainty due to the limits of medical knowledge. They have to struggle those training for years to harden themselves to these issues.
Macho image is prevalent in this field. Instead of asking for medication for their health too, they themselves prescribes their own. A very detrimental stress. They let bear an image as strong enough, though they are just human like us. Even vulnerable to different diseases. Hides their weaknesses.
The phenomenon of being labeled “VIP”, then getting sick is a problem. When handle of course by other doctors, when in fact they themselves are doctors, is a stressful. The treatment of that doctor may be less aggressive than their own.
The availability of them is a common expectation whenever they are needed. An obligations that make it difficult to sets limits without guilt.
Let’s face it, they are just like us. Pamela Wible, America’s leading voice for ideal medical care cited things which influence or are causes of physicians to commits suicides:
Assembly –line medicine undermines the patient-physician relationship.
Many doctors are burned out, outworked, or exhausted.
They spend little times with their families.
Being workaholics are admired in medicine.
Medicines values competition over nurturing.
Many doctors function in survival mode.
They are not supposed to make mistakes.
Caring for sick people can make sick if you don’t care for yourself.
Medical education often dissociates mind from body and spirit.
Some medical students believe they graduate with PTSD.
Seeing too much pain and not enough joy is unhealthy.
For a physician, to cry for help is weakness.
The reductionist model is dehumanizing for patient and physician.
They are emotionally detached especially for male.
They are obsessive-compulsive perfectionists in an imperfect medical system.
They are nation’s social safety net with few resources to help patients.
Some feel like indenture slaves.
Death is perceived as failure.
Don’t take very good care of themselves or each other.
They are in denial about the high rate of physician suicide.
Often bullied by insurance companies, employers and patients.
Doctoring is more than a job; it’s a calling, an identity.
They are often socially isolated.
They can’t just be people. They are 24/7 doctors.
They can feel severe psychological pain.
They feel powerless.
Can feel trapped, and see no alternatives to their suffering.
They have easy access to lethal drugs and firearms.
They have problems as everyone else.
Have marital distress, get divorced and family problems.
An addiction to drugs and alcohol.
Have economic hardship and unbearable debt.
Can have mental illness.


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