Gone are the children innocence of their minds, so polluted with hate, anger, revenge and excitement for adventure in fighting. These children who were and are in wars and violence world they were born.

A worldwide trends brought by different cultures and religious beliefs and modern trends of life.
Instead of seeing them in school studying, or in playground playing, at home playing toys, now we can’t.

Teaching children how to hold guns and firing it to opponent is a long gone stories for centuries.
They were involve in wars, military campaigns as child ratings on warships or drummer boys on battlefields. The root word of “infantry”, for foot soldiers, was meant for young group of people.

Why kids are hired in combat? Their mind are easier to intimidate and follows whatever they are told to do. They demand no salaries and not run away as compared to adults. The excitement they experience of holding guns, rifle, let them feels as an adult manhood. So manly.
Those children who had grown up in a violence world, finds it as a permanent way of their life. Had learned to cope ways of life in the midst of chaos and wars.
Orphaned and alone, frightened, bored and frustrated, no options, but to join the force and fight. Many children becomes soldiers upon entering their teens. Schools are closed, families fragmented.
Uganda had an estimated 3,000 children under 16 and 500, girls most of whom orphaned and who looked on the army as a replacements for their parents. This was in 1986, The National Resistance Army, as they called it.
Children at early age, becomes aware of the social injustice thy and their parents are sufferings. Just as the case of Central America or South America, they fight for their religious beliefs or cultural identity. Or for revenge purposes for their parents, sisters and brothers death.
Some had volunteered themselves, others were from recruits. In Liberia, 20,000 children had been in various fighting factions recruited by National Patriotic Front of Liberia. The youngest ranges from 6 years old and above.
In Sri Lanka, The Liberations Tigers of Tamil Eelam, had a school system of indoctrinating children. They are forcible recruited if don’t want to join.
El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala and Myanmar and other countries have all influenced children to join their forces. Angola, Mozambique and Sudan have also seized children.
These children undergo varying degrees of indoctrination, often brutal approach. Political indoctrination by guerilla bands. Cambodia and Mozambique turned children into fierce warriors by subjecting them to brief period of terror and physical abuse. That is to familiarize them in a violence society. They let children to witness torture and execution of their own relatives.
Drugs are even introduced to these children for them to become fierce.
They also act as spies or messengers against the government. Or letting them mingled with fleeing crowds and threw hand grenades at trucks full of government soldiers.
They are also used as shield and thought as the deserving greatest protection. Soldiers considered them as most expendable during Iran-Iraq war. Child soldiers are sent ahead in waves over minefields.

Now, in modern times as they called it, the more children’s mind are corrupted by so many influences brought by many things.
Violent video games, films about wars, crimes, killings and the actual wars happening around the world where they are.
Americans, UK, Asia, all over the world I can say, still practices of teaching their children to be violent.
Same as early century, they too teach their children to hold and how to fire guns. Their reasons, for hunting purposes, for self- defense, as sports or recreations. And lastly, for countries having wars, as soldiers.
Libya, Syria, Iraq and other Muslim countries are training their children how to use guns. Not only how to use it but also how to raid houses, pulling people out of cars with handheld guns pointed to heads and ready to kill.
Minds of children at early age are injected with the concept that killing seems an honor and be proud for doing it. A reward is given for every deeds of it.
Children’s brain are being polluted with disgusting and evil kinds of belief. Young brains of these children were contained in a box letting them believe what they are doing are good and have fun doing it.
Yes, they study too, as what they shown on pictures they are releasing on internet videos. But the guns is still being hold on.
So sad and pity for these children corrupted either by parents itself, taken by force or voluntary submission for hopelessness.
Instead of giving good education, violence, instead of innocence, their minds are corrupted.
Playing was changed to fighting, killing, anger, revenge and hatred.
Love for mankind was erased in their innocent heart.
Early maturity for evil doctrines instead of knowledge from school for their future.
Planted mentality that to kill is a justice whether it’s accidental or brutally done.
They have a religious beliefs, yet their belief in their god teaches them to become more evil. Fear of true God was conquered and ignored.
Countries who doesn’t respect and recognizes the “Holy Bible” are countries remains in turbulent conditions, in wars.
I pity the children, their future are gone for the devil ambitions, greediness of many nation leaders. For parents who instead of teaching them God’s words, violence is injected to minds.
Instead of medicines for autism children, bullets and guns and confiding their children to isolation thus making them to become crazy. Why? Their parents are mentally ill also.


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