Of course love will never fade out in human race of today’s generation.

We have an erotic kind of love, base only on physical attraction alone, sexual desire, based on emotion compulsion or for just flesh pleasure.
Relation based on these doesn’t last. Rare we know couples succeeds in this kind of grounds.

But true love are those that last and stays till their life both ends. Love base on inner feeling with assurance and determination before deciding to enter into it.
Not basing it on physical appearance on emotion out of heart, meeting of both minds. Discovers each mutual characters first, letting time to ripen feelings. The longing for each, feeling of unmeasurable love to each, understanding, caring and others.
I had read so many stories about couples love stories with a theme of “till death do us part” throughout their life.

There are couples who remained faithful till they reached golden age. A couple who had been together for 60 to 80 plus able to keep their love sincerely to each other.
How I envy those woman who had able to experienced and find their true love. A love that that is grounded on a solid love for each. Their hearts were tied up together by mutual love and likes along with indifference whatever each has.
Though I had never experience at least one true love, no regret. Maybe it’s my fate just to admire and only write things about these kind of stories.
A woman or the other is chubby, it doesn’t matter if the vital statistics are unmeasurable of tape measure. What is important is that love feels by each other.
Some couple finds it with opposites personalities, characters, likes and dislikes either from food, colors and other small or big things. But for a two so in love, they find their ways to meet both ends well. Either of one side adjust itself for the sake of the one truly love. Love always finds its way to come to realize.
Good for those who at the very beginning finds themselves really compatible to each. Things just go on smoothly
There are couples whose relationships after having grown up children and had established their own families, lived as seems best of friends. The company of one is so vital in each. They shares stories, laughter, tears and problems, even in solving it for them alone. The happiness of eating together in outdoor or just sharing a simple dinner at home. And when times that the partner is not around, an appetite to eat is lost.
I believe, love doesn’t mean at all sharing sexual intercourse. Even at days of great strength to do it. Sex is not a daily activities for a true love. I can be most enjoyed with intervals for it drives more of longing that moment. Sex for couples are just spices that adds joyful to express intimate feeling. It adds colors to life.

If sex is enjoyed fully by both, a true love exist between them. Because if only the other enjoys it, and the other is not, love is lacking.
The best thing that must bind a couple is both are determined to adjust itself in order to meet whatever differences they have. A give and take relationships. A caring of true caring especially when one is bed ridden due to illness. Though the once beautiful or handsome face is fading, that love never fades out.
Financial problem would not ruin their being intact to each. As time passes, a more secured love is there. The need of presence of both, working together any problem, facing odds and even no matter how.
I cried in tears upon reading of a young couple, where in the woman got accident. She was hit by a vehicle, still alive but remained in coma. She was beautiful. The man never leave her, took good care of her and even leave his work. The woman became so ill and her beauty of course fades, she became so thin. Milk is passed thru tube just to feed her. With opened eyes but can’t recognize. But the man remained until her death.
Many are getting married or live-in partner not based on love. For security reason, good appearance and figures, well known personality, drive out by sexual desires, early marriages and others. Resulting to fighting, misunderstanding, divorce or finding another one again.
If only each would think twice before indulging in living with another person, that it is a life time decision. To be ready at all cost and stand firm to principles of marriage. Assuring self if that person is really the one and not based on material or personal look or finances.


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