Butter or Battered Love?

I wonder why there are many men and women, who faithfully still stood beside their partner in spite of being cruel to them.
Many women so easily fall in love to men, either black or white men, with a masculine asset. Those bulky muscle on arms, breast, thighs and legs and that so manly looks, a wow feeling to ladies. Doesn’t root out family background or the very personal traits of that man they are interested to.

Modern nations, fast phase of modernization goes along with short cuts courting and even no courting at all. High societies they call are fun of night outings. In bars, club or at fabulous homes, parties are held where men and women met.
Basing love on physical attraction alone, or on sex experienced and shared, are not love at all. Relationship formed due to lust romance being enjoyed doesn’t last at all.
Only when the two pair starts to live together,( as live in partner or others are wed too for formality purpose only), the woman realize the truth. The man she had chosen is a husband puncher or the other way around.
For the reason that they are threaten to be kill and even her/his families will be kill too the moment she/he leaves him. For that threat, they are afraid to abandon the partner.


There are women so brutally abused yet still remains for the fear of their children. I don’t know what authorities are doing about these cases.
But is it only the women who suffers bullying? How about the men, the husbands?
I have seen personally men who have that kinds of tales.


Many men silently bear these thing maybe for the reason of shame among their gender, neighbors and families. Protecting their dignities perhaps and doesn’t wanted to be tag as underdog. It diminished their masculinity. Dignity of being a father in the sight of their children.
Or is it because they love what their partner are doing with them? It’s a psychological problem. Due to childhood experienced maybe, she or he is used to it and just finds it enjoyable perhaps. Why did I conclude it like this? Think of it, being a punch almost thru out life yet still remaining in that relationships? This happens to both sex gender!
There are people who enjoys being hurt by partner and still indulge themselves in romance to that person. I call it crazy love. Their children grows up with the bad relationships of parents, and losing sometimes respect to either towards the father or mother.
Children who accustomed to such atmosphere of family relationships, large part of children adopts such traits when they enter into it too. Good for those who preferred to take a different track of life. Promised to themselves to build a family apart from weird experienced they had.
Choosing life partner takes time for both partner to have an assurance of having a lasting relationships. There is no such perfect relationships. Though relationships started at childhood, temperamental of both surface when two starts to live together.
If relationships was bound by love, though misunderstanding comes, things are patches up smoothly. Understanding, patience, forgiving, respect and most of all, love still remains.


Women must be love, cares, be understood and caress. So as for a man, same must he received from her partner. Let not think of thyself only, but the sibling produced by that relation.
But many women and men today are just about flesh lust, sex, pleasure, vices and drugs. Woe unto them.


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