In my years of existence, in my childhood time, so seldom I see people who are obese. Almost all people I observed are just lean and just proportioned body built either children like me then, up to older people.

What we usually eat are fresh meats, fish, vegetables and fruits, they are all newly harvested. Soft drinks are around now then, Coke and Pepsi cola are big rivals. There are no much bottled or packed drinks available and so as canned goods. Sardines are common serves either on breakfast and serves it in many kinds.

Corned beef and spam are imported and seldom in a year we able to have it. Sardines are often served either as plain with lemon and onion or cooked it along with vegetables. Packed noodles in late 60’s to early 80’s are not yet in the market especially in the province. Coffee beans are freshly grounded in the market whoever wanted to buy. They only grind it if there is buyer who wanted it. Chocolate drinks are cacao in tablet form and is boiled on water with canned milk, so delicious. All natural and no chemical added nor preservatives.

Year 80’s onward of it, small outlets of supermarkets began to exist, started in cities and slowly big supermarkets rises up. That was the beginning of junk food and factories of chemically and with preservative foods in packed spreads.
Different kinds of chemically modified juices, milk in tetra packed, noodles and canned goods of different kinds were produced in bulk and displayed on supermarkets.

Fresh fruits are sprayed for freshness to last as well as vegetables. Fishes are packed frozen in ice and meats too.
Different kinds of preserved meats were introduced, hotdogs, ham, bologna, sausages and so on.

Yes, we also tried some of it. But thank God, reading items on news in internet which gives many information regarding health we stopped.
When I was operated of my hepatic liver cysts and mu gallbladder was removed due to stone in it, I changed my diet abruptly.

I had to have complete change of diet for my health. Am 63, have poor digestive system. Besides it, my liver was seen forming fats and my right kidney has stone forming in it. I have to attend to my health with more caution. Not only me, but for my two son’s health too.
Every time I eat solid food, my stomach and belly bloats. Many often suffers so much pain at right side of belly where I was operated.
I decided to cut off carbohydrates especially rice, eliminated it. Coffee and any form of soft drinks with soda. Hard to digest vegetables, corn and others.

I eliminated all kinds of meat since 2009 when I was diagnosed of hepatic liver cysts. Up to now, no meat please!
My morning breakfast is plain bread only if possible. When am in mood to eat, putting cheese or egg is fine. My hot drink is ginger or if coffee, coffee made out from Mangosteen dried pulp.

I skip eating lunch and just drinks lots of Hydrogen water and fresh juices such as parsley or watermelon. Both good for my kidneys and liver. Cut off intake of foods is good for melting those forming fats in my liver and stone forming on my kidneys.

I don’t eat at dinner if possible. I drink only juice of vegetables or fruits and a piece of bread or two, cookies, muffins, or cupcakes whenever I baked in the morning which is my extra job.

At first, I suffered nausea, but getting lots of water intake helped a lot. I lost pounds of weight without showing wrinkles on skin, Have a sagging bit at my arms because of fats lost. I can’t do exercises since a big slice lengthwise and from below the breast down to the belly (cross form) is quite long. Am afraid to do some lifting. Besides my left wrist had suffered dislocation (doing well now)
So I can’t do some lifting exercises. Just avoiding further injuries may occur again.

After 3 months passed, the bulk of fats in my belly and stomach reduced much. Started to have that flat belly and stomach. Though not so flat yet, but not like before that its bulky belly.

Being at this age of 63, I have to be more attentive to my health as well as to my two men, my sons. The eldest is 36 and youngest is 26, all are working.

Even my two men avoid eating meat daily. I alternate it with fish, shrimp and vegetables. They are conscious too of their body built since a whole day sitting in front of computer as their job call.

Walking every day, brisk style, for almost 2 kilometer and get perspire is a big help. Avoiding stresses, anger is another factor to maintain that youthful look even reaching this age.

Wearing a smile and positive outlook in life. Never let life in idle moments but always find ways to refresh thy self.
Taking care of self by dressing up properly in modest apparel at home or going out.

Me, writing blogs on my two websites, composing songs, searching many informative ideas to learn and increases knowledge are best thing to indulge.

My mind is brighten up so much and avoiding that Alzheimer’s diseases. For brain must be utilize daily, let it work daily. But letting it work for things good for our brain. Proper diet is a necessary for the brain and avoiding stress.

I thank God Almighty for letting me understand things which contribute much for maintaining a good health in my age.


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