People’s death is caused by either deadly disease/illness or by an accident. We can’t avoid death, no matter what, we will have our end of life.
Someone up there, our Almighty God owns our life.

It may sound sarcastic, but I have to say, good for those who knows their life is near to end. An anticipation that must be admitted whether we like it or not. It is a bare fact, a reality that certain illness is decaying our life. Preparing us to spend life in righteous ways if it is not in that way. For the righteous, they set an example how they are living with their life. Benefits each one of us.
I have a friend, though we’re not that so close, yet she opens up constantly her aching disease problems. She has a stage 4 breast cancer. She cries in tears for that agony of so painful she is undergoing whenever attacks occurs.
I pity her so much, wanted to hug her and kissed her if it would help to pacify the much pain in her breast. Pain, she said even goes up to her brain. A prayer for her asking God’s mercy to at least diminish those too much pain she is having.
She even kept telling me that she is asking God to end her life, end her sufferings because there are moments she can’t hold that pain anymore. I understand her. But I said, ask God, if it is His will and good for you, He will hear your plea.
Terminal illness, in any form, either cancers of different forms, illness with no cure, accidents results that prolong termination of death; those pain that can’t be tolerate. Oh my goodness, I myself cries in pity for these people. Yes even by just mere reading stories of such. The more of actual seeing them in agony of pain like my friend.
I admire those people with so much courage and braveness accepting with smiles their condition. Without pain in their heart, nor regret, nor blaming God for what they are.
Bride to be who still have that wedding dream comes true. A husband to be who admitted the fact that her bride will be temporarily be with him for just a quite time? Yet, showed and shared that love with the woman till her death. So as to a woman in reverse situation.
It could be our loving Dad, Mom, Grandpa or Grandma, our son, daughter or a friend. How painful it is seeing them in such conditions or emotion deep within them.
I cried in tears as I type every letters of this blog regarding this topic. My late father whom I adore much, who had loved me and my eldest son, had same illness.
People who silently carries on their deep emotion, hidden to their loved ones. Still when they are in front of them, a sweet smile is given to us. They afford to spend life as just an ordinary routine. As if they are not fighting hard that so much pain whenever it attacks them.


There are people having this terminal diseases for us to set an example. A warning for us to learn that life is short. Prepares our heart and souls for a godly and biblical ways of life, characters, conducts and belief. To teach us there is sovereign Creator we must know and learn to accept his teachings.
What is not good for these people with terminal illness who wanted to end self. There are who commits suicides by killing self in any form, which is against God’s will. Like that one on the news lately who wanted her life to end it by self on November.
Accepting the reality of shortness of life is submission to His will. As they say, all will have their time to leave this world. It’s just a question of who will be the first among our loved ones.
While they are there, let them feel as if they will exist for many years. Letting them feel that love as we use to love them. Not so exuberant, for they may feel the shortness of span of life that is why we are treating them extra ordinary.
I love that friend of mine who is brave and ready to face the reality that her life may end anytime soon. The more she is doing good things in serving in God’s works.
I love people with this terminal illness who always wore a smile on their face. They know what will end is their pain and this flesh body. But the good soul has destination where God has prepared for a moment till He comes back.
I hope those bad people who are having this kind of terminal cancer would ask forgiveness to God and to those they did wrong. May their conscience bother them to regret their past life.


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