Others addresses them as crippled person, unique and other terms. But for me I treat them as special people of God and is precious to Him. They are loved by Him.

Huh? Loved by Him? If they are love why are they suffering for their condition? Being laughed at, ridiculed, insults as if out of this world creatures.
Yes, maybe that is what is inside minds of many. If only they know God, worship Him, they will understand why there are people who are like them.
In the minds and hearts of parents who had and have children such as these people, taught they are a curse to them. I pity them for poor understanding the will of God.
As I look on pictures of these poor people with the most deformed cases, can’t hold myself in tears and pity for them. It’s not their own fault, nor their parent’s faults either, I believe. Nor it it’s God’s fault, for we can’t question Him. He knows best the very reason of their existence.
Even I myself doesn’t know the very reason why there are humans being born so unique or bizzaire. Some are horrifying to stare at and seems not human. Even medical knowledge can’t do to remedy their deformities.
What are the different kinds of weird human deformities?
1) Microcephaly Syndrome-a neuro  developmental disorder with small skull and small brain, retardation and small stature.
2) Elephant man-normal at birth but as years of growing up but caused by tumors in faces and body parts and resulted to deformities of both face and body, feet enlarge.
3) Half-Man-truncated torso because of Sacral Agenesis or caudal regression of the spine.
4) Dwarfism syndrome-stop growing after a year.
5) With Goat’s Horn
6) Human Baby Frog-Anencephaly Disorder- born without brain and reproductive organs.
7) Hariequin Syndrome-a rare skin disorder
8) Toes Baby-called Polydactyly condition with 8 toes and five fingers but no thumbs. Said to have been caused by environmental pollution.
9) Eight-Limb Child-born with joined parasitic twin and have undeveloped.
10) Cyclop Syndrome-born with single eye in the center of forehead, brain defuse into a single hemisphere and no nose developed.
11) Samoan “Miracle Baby”-feet and spinal cord were deformed, some part of brain missing, had double-cleft palate, no eyeballs and no fingers.
12) Baby With Tail-
13) Baby With Three Arms-was successfully amputated excess arms
14) Feet Facing Backwards-
15) Clubfoot
16) Largest Hand In The World-
17) Cleft-Foot and Hand
18) Polydactyly
19) Brachydactilla(short fingers)
20) Apodal Baby-born with hands and feet
21) Nipple on Foot
22) Indian Girl With Tears of Blood-excessive bleeding coming out of hairlines, nose, eyes, neck and sole of feet. Bleeds 50 times a day though no injury.
23) Ageless Girl-called Syndromes syndrome
24) Aniridia-Absence of Iris-congenital from birth preventing of normal vision.
25) Skull Deformity-Craniosynostois-skull fuses prematurely in a process as ossification.
26) Progeria- accelerated aging
27) Uner Tan Syndrome-walking on all fours, feet and hands, have congenital brain disorder, use primitive speech
28) Hypertrichosis-with excessive hair on shoulders, face, ears and neck.Implicated it to a rearrangement of chromosome 8 and happens due to disruption of the crosstalk between epidermis and the dermis as hair follicles form in the 3 month fetus at the eyebrows and down to toes. Normally, signals from the dermis send the messages to form follicles. As follicles forms, it send signals to prevent the area around it from becoming a follicle, which results in equal spacing of our five million or so follicles. Most of our body parts ignore the messages to form follicles which explains why most of us are relatively hairless.
29) Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis- a disorder that makes man prone to widespread human papillomavirus (HPV)- infection causes scaly macules and papules.
30) Severe Combines Immunodeficiency Disorder-born with an effective immune system
31) Lysch-Nyhan Syndrome –results in over production of uric acid
32) Trimethylaminuria-with pungent smelling


What may be the reason if not exact reasons for acquiring or having these disorders? Can pregnant women or to be pregnant can avoid to have a deformed babies? Others let them abort while still on their way of pregnancy after discovering on ultrasound. Let the babies dies forcibly so as to avoid many consequences. Avoiding peoples nasty comments for their child and think of it as a great burden taking care of.
I do believe that during pregnancy period, it is prohibited for us women to keep staring at objects not suitable to look at. Most especially during the period of fetus development. It is true for it is written on the holy book. Some become so fond of liking food, objects, human images and others. Which results to acquiring resemblance of offspring.

Women on the way, must have a prepared mind, in good health. Physically, mentally and emotionally prepared of what responsibilities she will face. To face a mother role is a big responsible of what kind of child they will be. Most especially to deformed or bizzaire children, that really needs extra care, attention and protection.
It is necessary too, to have a background check of each genetic relatives of both. For scientifically true, genes are acquired from either side.
Others are caused by chemicals around our environment, of foods or container of foods with hazardous chemicals affecting our body systems and delicate internal organs. Men and women are both affected when constantly expose by these chemical reactions to our health system.
We may ask ourselves, can it be a curse from God? Some may ask this question. God has a purpose. It may serve as ways of teaching to be compassionate, merciful, kindhearted, understanding, accepting, sharing, helpful and loving. Thanking God Almighty for us to be lucky we are not in their place. We are normal.

For parents who have such deformed children, understanding God’s will and purpose. He knows the limit of our ability to hold and carry on problems. He will never leave so just remain in Him faithfully.

Their bodies are deformed to look, but their very soul is complete and are more worthy than normal people. There is no hatred, evil in them. Maybe, they are instrument for people to reform. These people, despite their condition has happy faces, so innocent mind and heart.

Many people are so animal lovers. Isn’t it is more righteous to extend help for these kind of people who have souls? Instead of ridicules, horrifying look, kindness, understanding and others as I mentioned above.

Maybe, it can be a curse for the seeds of evil people.


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