In this modern generation, sex just happen so easy anywhere and to anyone who wishes it.
A seems so palatable dish enticing human flesh to be taste and tested if it’s really so delicious.
So many number of young ages, experienced sex at so tender age. This is not by forced sex but a submissive kind of indulging self on sex. From western countries down to rural areas of poor countries they say. A global thing happening around the world.

There are records of youngest child who got pregnant, not by their own will, but a victim of last of either the father, brother, relatives or others. Records shows as early as 4 to 12 years old becomes victims of such cruelty.

With so many kinds of false religions, traits, tradition and beliefs, sex is always involve.
There are religious groups which offers sacred sex to their gods or religious leaders and cohorts. An ancient practice even ancient time.
There are countries who indulge sex as part of traditions and cultures. We can read facts about this on internet, books and others.
Just alarming for these children and teens who at early age had encountered such worst experience.Pity are those who get pregnant for they were just victims of forced sexual abused. But for those who at early age voluntary place themselves in early relations, a great dismay. The modern culture, media about sex seen  at young age. Too loose kind of disciplines to children and teens. Many aspects contributes for them to be curious about sex which is free and open on websites. The very act is so accessible, enticing the emotion and lust of flesh.
Teens are most prone to this activities. A decline numbers of still virgins we can attest at this generation. Young teens get pregnant at so early, either with or without partners. No definite jobs or not jobs at all to support of another human added in life.
There are teens even women at their age produces more number of children. A shrug of shoulder, whatever comes attitudes. Leaning to government for support of children like beans sprouted here and there.
Sex, a past time pleasure to partners. Without hesitant, giving pleasure to flesh not thinking the consequences after sexual intercourse. Sperm and egg cells meet and forms into a new living creatures.
Abandoned women, teens or victims of raped, often opt to abort their child.

For rape victims, maybe hatred to the man or groups who had done it. No definite man to pinpoint who’s the real father of it. Same as the other, hatred are common reasons.

Another factor, they can’t afford to raise them alone. No jobs, still finishing high school or if in college, the course to finish. Hide it from strict parents, with illness and may harm their health, they maybe not accepted in the house anymore and other reasons.
I was so upset reading women even so proud announcing on internet aborting their child. For the reason of she is not ready. Can’t provide the things needed or face the responsible of being a mother.

The pleasure of flesh can’t be enjoyed anymore if there is a baby to attend to. The curves of bodies will be deformed . But if the fetus is disposed, freedom of lusts can proceed.
I laughed in bitterness where in the writer addresses it as heartbreaking? Heartbreaking to the woman or to reader to give the sympathy to evil doings of this women.

Another item I read where in a wife and husband decided to abort the child in the mother too. Reason? The child is abnormal, has deformity. So, it must not exist in this world, a big shame and a burden too?

A direct act of killing! A new living human within the womb and can’t do anything to defend self. Neither it wasn’t fault of that unborn child to be form there. Out of lust of the mother, for those who are not victims of forced sexual intercourse.

Those are people who are not afraid to God Almighty. Not bothering where her soul will be. Clearly written on the bible about God’s wrath for abortionists.

How about those rapist? A father, grandpa, brothers or relatives who are hungry much in sex that even an innocent child is abused. some even killing them to avoid recognition. The future of innocent child or teens even adult women is put to risk and waste.

The only consolation is the coming final judgement at the end of time.


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