COCONUT TREE- The Most Wondrous Tree

When planted in rows and in groups along the seashores bays, boulevard, produces shades, adding to cool breeze of winds. A suitable place to lean on for two lovers beneath the tree.


It grows in tropical areas, rainforest areas and it takes a year or so to mature. One tree can produce 50 nuts. They belong to the family Arecaceae and has 150 species that can be found in 180 countries all over the world. Live on sandy soil, requires a lot of sunlight and regular rainfalls.
What are interesting features of this tree?
They can be either tall or grow as dwarf trees, 20 to 60 feet tall and 98 for tall trees.
They have a 13 to 20 inches long pinnate leaves and can reach up to 24 to 35 inches in length.
They are attached to the ground via a strong fibrous roots system.
They develop both female and male flowers and matures at different time to avoid self-pollination. Female flowers are larger.
Its fruit is known as drupe and ripens after one year.
They can produce only from 30 to 50 fruits and if lucky up to 75, but its only rare to happen. The fruit weighs 3.2 pounds and out of it many products are benefited.
It can survive up to 100 years in the wild.
Every part of the tree can be exploited from top to bottom, not a piece is discarded.
How to plant and grow coconut tree even on our backyard space at least two or tree is good.


Get a 3-gallon pot. A good nursery soil mixed with 40% coarse sand. Add drainage rocks to bottom of the pot. Lay coconut husk on ground and see what way it wants to rest. Plant coconut husk ½ way into the soil in same position. Leave it in the sun or in partial shade. Water lightly moist. It took almost nine months to sprouts. It can live on your pots from 3 to 6 months and transfer it to a larger pot or directly on the soil ground. It will take a year to mature and bear fruits.
Famous for being called as “Tree of Life” for its endless benefits derives products and by-products out of its different parts. From food, fuel, shelter, chemicals, medicinal products and so many to enumerate. Continues studies are still going on further for more things we can obtain from this wondrous tree.
A dollar earner for countries producing it and provides so many job opportunities and livelihood especially for poor countries.
What are the things we can get out of this tree?

The coconut leaves are cleaned and the mid hard section is made into midrib brooms, hats, lampshades placemats, bags, baskets, decors, trays and plates, baskets, good quality paper pulp, roof materials and others.

Coconut husk are made into different products such as coir dust turning it a well board, yarn, rope, bags rugs husk décor and polishes, wigs for mannequin, coir flex, fishnets, pulp and paper products. Out of it, coco gas, lye, inso flex and plastic materials.


Coconut shells, that hard core has many uses too. From using it as fuel in form of charcoal or directly making the shell as fuel in cooking. In fashion accessories, bags, boxes coffee pots, cups, coco shell savings box, ladles, lampshades, trays, guitars, toys, wind chimes, air purifier and so many other purpose as we may thin and make.

Coconut fruit for young fruit,” buko” are scaped and often used for salads, “halo-halo” with crushed ice, mixed sweetened fruits and cream or milk. The three stages of maturity varies of its usages. The thicker but soft still nut is made into coconut chips or scraped and made into “bukayo” or sweetened with sugar.
The “sport fruit” or “makapuno” a delicacy and used in making icecream, sweetened preserves.
While the matured one, is used in cooking different delicacy, in meats, vegetables, sweetened “malagkit” rice. The nut is used as cream in cooking.

Coconut water is use made into vinegar, wine, production of chewy, fiber rich nata de coco, as a growth factor, substitute for dextrose.
For medicinal purposes too to cure urinary tract infections, dissolves urinary stones for a prolong drinking of it.
Coconut meat can be converted to many profitable products. From coco flour, desiccated coconut, coconut milk, coconut chips, candies, “bukayo” or sweetenend shredded young coconut meat, “latik”, copra and animal feeds.







Coconut Oil is produce from extracted coconut meat. Its oil retards aging, counteracts heart, colon, pancreatic and liver tumor inducters and is easy to digest.
It is also use in soap and detergent industry, coco chemicals, crude oil, pomade, shampoo, margarine, butter and as cooking oil.


Coconut pith- out of it, coco pickles, lumpia or “guinatan” can be produced. Úbod” is cooked as staple food, as salad with other garneshings.
“Guinit” can be made into helmets caps, wooden shoe straps, handbags, fans, picture and house décor like lampshades or flowers for the table.
Infloresence, bud of coconut tree, wherein “tuba” is taken in juice form and turning it into coconut wine or “lambanog”.
Coconut trunk and roots are hardy and durable wood and turn it into lumber to make different kinds of furnitures, carvings, picture frames, tables, stools and construction materials and others.
Medicines and beverages are also made out of it.
A true wondrous tree of all trees.



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