Am talking about here, matured aged and doesn’t refer to teenage boys and ladies out there. For their age is really an age generation to be understood for they still have a changeable mind or not so set kind of thinking. Rare we can find people like them who had a matured mentality.
Men to men deals easily to each, for there is no much fuzzy things in their mind. They can tackle many things under the sun. No much backbiters or none at all really.

There are women become more attentive to self as she reaches her ripe age. Fifties  going to sixties realizes to love themselves and spent more time to be a sophisticated woman. Those with children who had work already, or graduates now, we take our time out for ourselves.

The lines on our forehead, eye bags are doubled now, skin starts to show off wrinkles, pigments on skin, graying hair, sagging arms and thighs, bulk here and there and so on. Things that many are now concerns about figures, those diabetes, rheumatism, kidneys, liver diseases and so on. Many doesn’t mind how they look now as they age.

I want to age beautiful. Beautiful inside my heart, that righteousness learned, living with, should what must beautify a woman. Taking vitamins as supplement to health as we age. Age is just a number they say. Partly yes, and half of it not true. Of course, as we women even men reach the senior age, no mater what we do, health is diminish, glamor, nut that beauty is still there remain and clearly seen. Wearing that smile really generates anti-aging, that is a real truth.

Women are temperamental, jealous, cautious in many ways, easily hurt, some hard to forgive and forget, love lots of talking, story telling, gossips, envy, learn to love workouts and many more according to each personalities.

Still admires good looking men, younger than or same age. Fell in love, for those widows.


But women to men are quite easy too interrelating to each. Easily catching up each other though even just newly met. Married man are often attracted to younger women, even teens. They found out many things to converse. From family problems of the other or seeking advices from a married man. Which sometimes resulted to elicit relationships.

Younger men are often attracted to older women .Why? They are still attractive despite their age who look ten years younger. Knows how to take care of self perhaps or it’s a genes inheritance. So as older women are attracted to younger men also. It’s not a phenomenal issue, happening since old era.
But women to women, it’s so hard to find a trusted one.

What are Among Featured Traits and Characters of Women in Random?
I had encountered so many such kind of characters. Smiling in front of you, the moment you turn your back a little further, presto.

When that woman who is older than her, but looks more charming, younger in appearance than her, envious is injected in her heart. Of course, she felt being intimidated her personality was overshadowed by that woman. An inner dissented feeling is planted inside.
Most of the women in their group are well off, while she is just poor, or either just have enough and can’t cope with them in many form. There are gatherings which need contributions, a project to be fund with, a necessary to commute to a quite far place, so it needs financial. Dressing up is now easy today when that second hand dresses flown from abroad to countries in Asia. Just need to have a good kind of taste in fashion, problem is solve. But that’s another factors which puts division between women. No matter how rich she is and able to buy dresses on malls, but she has no knowledge nice matching. Resulted always by being overshadowed by older than her, or not so pretty, yet carries herself well.
In a group of choir, be it a church choir or stage performer groups, competition of voices is not absent.
Even in church choir this happens. There are women who assumes themselves as voice organizer, leader.

If among of the woman she doesn’t like, she place her in alto though that woman is soprano. But for those close to her breast, though sound hammered voice, okay you’re in the soprano. Colleagues in the group acts as though with knowledge in music. Professed too as teachers and putting down others. It happened to me. When that time come that the overall leader of all choirs arrived, he called for voicing. Proven to them am a soprano two and accelerating to soprano one.
I told them about the result, accepted the truth, they can’t opposed. True, if a person showed him/herself so timid to voice out self, those people will stumped your whole personality.
Now, I learned to fight for my right. Voicing out whatever I wanted to say whenever what they are doing is beyond reasoning.
Finding out she’s got more talent than them, another reason to be envied. Or one is more attractive to men than her. Or the other maintained a good family background while she got a not pretty relation within his family. In office, other kinds of works, this is encountered.
There are women who are good in public relation. She can cope any kind of attitude, characters and easily integrate herself within the crowd. Seems a friend of all, everybody is welcome to her and so is she.
Many women too prefer isolation of self, or just contented of being with some person only.
A so cautious kind of personality in dealing with are among the character of a woman. That includes me. Experienced traumas had taught me great lessons. Maybe, it was encountered by many also. I always prays to God to reveal in me if a certain lady is trying to be close to me. And He is merciful, He reveals the identity of that person. I evade totally after proving, with testimony from others, experience by myself who really she is.

I believe, there is no permanent best friend or friends here on earth. No matter how good, righteous or faithful she or he, time, consequences set apart best of friends.
I had a very best of friend, she’s older than me maybe five years of age gap. An elder sister she is to me. I love her more than my true sister in flesh. I was maltreated by my three sisters. But in her, I found a shoulder to comfort, helped me in my distress moments, had help me in many ways. But due to some circumstances, it set us apart. We moved to another city for good fortune, while she was left in the province.
There were three families actually who were very good to us who had adopted me and my two sons for a couple of months. Even their siblings from eldest down to youngest were so nice. A family of good Samaritans.
How To Deal With Such Multiple Characters of Women?- How To Let Them Feel They’re Okay To You And Our Self To Them.
I can relay only to you my personal traits and as what I had observed and studied.
Preferred to sit alone or away from affiliated group is more comforting and peace of mind. But when a call of duty ask for us to integrate, that is the only time to be with them.
Whenever I encounter women with bad attitudes and characters and done it to me with much harm, I easily forgives. But, there is a but I place between us, after a harmful thing they did. That is to prevent them from continues doing it again and again. Same person repeated her bad things on me. Since then I marked it on my mind and heart. I don’t hate them nor keep hatred in me.
Keeping hatred or bad feelings to others affects skin health and promotes fast aging process. I dare not would ruin myself by that attitude. A so light feeling when there is no grudges in our heart.
Being cautious, alert, careful studies of characters of people around helps a lot to deal with people. Helps a lot to avoid people with dirty mind and heart.
Spending in writing blogs, writing poems passages and composing songs, quotations on twitter gives me much pleasure. It polishes my brain rather than talking with women who are fond of ruining others to elevate themselves and put to trash those whom they hated or envy at.
Avoiding unnecessary topics when in group. Rather, introduce things which are valuable to a kind of group being belong.
Pull out immediately thyself if meeting is done and just go home. So many things are more needed to do at home which are so beneficial. Rather than being with a group who talk of things which may ruin others.
Remain in the task diligently without being affected by other women around who dislike or envy at you.
Be more smart, add improvement to personality, descent attire, be a talented gifted woman, a prayerful with great fear in God. Modest attire, attitude and characters based on Christ’s teachings.
He take away people around a person whom He knows won’t be good to her. Replaces it with a few in numbers but chosen by Him.
There are people who were given that mind and heart who able to read inner personality of others. They can immediately acknowledge what’s the hidden agenda or true characters of that person. So they able to evade them in many ways. It is a God given gift.



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