What is in it which make people to crave more and more the moment they tasted of having it?
Let’s start with cigarette which are so common and are widely popular from kids to old.



Cigarette are so easy to have for even kids can easily buy it. Laws are not that strict, so anybody easily can have it. As young as two years old, if not mistaken, it was featured in the news smoking so proudly. But the common age ranges from six, seven and onward.
There are nation where in it is open to all ages, a scene so just natural for everyday life. Here in the Philippines, though how hard it is to earn that small amount of money, they consume it on vices. Never mind that empty stomach. Just to feed their lust for vices. Young boys goes on scavenging for almost a day, then just spend it for their vices. Buys it for a bottle of rugby, cigarettes, or alcohol drinks and others in gambling, cards.

Slum areas, I don’t know, but vices are more prevalent there all over the world it is a plain truth. The more number of producers of children. They have no definite income, jobs or source of income, yet, great producers of babies. A couple have either ten, eight and the low number is four. As young as thirteen years old, getting married or as live in partners. Resulting to having babies without control, until they can’t afford to


Resulting to broken families, children becomes bread earner at so early stage of their life. Mingling with same stories of life, united as group of friends. Each share their tales of fortune, dismayed. Some run out of their families to support selves. Some even shares whatever they acquire and give back to their families. But not returning back to stay with. The most familiar jobs they landed are  scavenging, vendors, watch out boys in parking areas and as bags loader.
Sad to know, the group they had found and belong to, have vices. A little less if only cigar. But others includes liquors, drugs, rugby or cards gambling.
Vices according to interviews I seen, it eases the memories of pains they are having. Access to education of at least elementary, high school is so elusive. Food, clothing, source of income to support lacks much. A tool to escape realities, seems friend to them that cuddles them. a cover up for the many lacking things in life. The love of parents can’t be felt. The dream of having a good kind of life.

Vices makes them feels like a mature person, they are strong having it. They feel courage to face every day life. Relaxes them. Makes a different world for them. A happiness they can’t explain. so many to elaborate.
Having vices let them forget for a while their problems. Gives them an enjoyment hard to explain. That laughter with “barkadas”, freedom to express what they feel, wanted to do. That is especially given by liquor, rugby when in “high”, so as in drugs. They can’t afford to go to places where others like their age is being enjoyed. A polluted river is their swimming pool. National parks, bridges are their recreational place.
Not minding for the outcome of feeding that bodies so harmful and slowly deteriorating internal organs.
Whom to blame? Parents who have same vices? Or one of them only, but the other could do nothing? No power to educate their children, children doesn’t respect and obeys them? Already addicted to it? Broken families?
Government lack of initiative to help these younger generations. Lack of free education programs, feeding program even health programs. R3ehabilitation institutions aides.
Strict implementation of birth controls, I believe will help much to minimize poverty. Two to four kids for a poor family is enough if everybody is educated the benefits of it. For themselves, and their children.
Pity seeing kids on the roads, under bridges, crowded places under drugs or rugby, liquors and when on high, do evil things to people. Their defense is that they are minors, under the influence of vices.
How about those on right ages, parents and even those oldies. So hard to educate them back.
Government implementation of certain laws to at least lessen number of people having these problems.
Cigarettes, liquors, rugby or drugs causes deadly cancers. Lungs, liver, kidneys, pancreas, gallbladder are most targets, deteriorated. Eyes are also affected especially for heavy drinkers. When times comes that they are heavily affected now, another problem arises.



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